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Basement remodel

Basement Remodels

We build, finish, and remodel basements.

Ready to upgrade your basement? Our team is well-versed in all types of basement projects, from basic finishing to full dig-down. No matter the scope, we'll build a space that's right for you and your budget.

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Local roots, national reach

We're a licensed general contractor with local teams across Seattle, Denver, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Basement remodeling FAQ

What types of basement remodels are the most popular?

Often, our clients are interested in transforming their unfinished or partially finished basement into a living space. That ranges from a simple bonus room, to guest bedroom/bathroom suites, to a full ADU that can be rented out for supplemental income. Common projects include: 

  • Relocating stairs to improve layout and flow between your ground level and basement floors. 
  • Digging down or lifting up to increase ceiling height. 
  • Adding bathrooms, bedrooms, or additional living space. 
  • Creating an ADU for a multi-generation family or rental.
  • Turning a traditional basement into a daylight basement. 

What affects the cost of a basement remodel? 

There are two major factors that affect the cost of any basement project: the scope of work and the materials used. 

The more complex the project, the larger the cost. Major layout changes (like adding bathrooms, bedrooms, or additional living space) will always prove to be more complicated than a cosmetic upgrade to an already-finished basement. Note that any changes to the structure of your home require the expertise of an architect or engineer. 

Material costs vary just as much. There’s a wide range in price and quality between the custom, high-end end of the spectrum compared to budget, builder-grade quality. If you intend to live in the space for several more years after a remodel, we recommend investing in materials that are at least mid-grade quality. They’ll last longer. 

Does a basement remodel require a permit? 

In almost all cases, yes. Any basement project that involves plumbing, electrical, or adding bedrooms requires a permit. This notifies various organizations within your city or county that you’re going to do work on your home and will require regular inspections during construction. This ensures that your project is built correctly and safely. 

Without the proper permits, you may face potential fines from the city — or be required to demo the work altogether. At, safety is always top-of-mind. We make sure to quickly submit all requirements to your locality before we begin work. 

How do I get started on my basement remodel? 

First, identify the overall goal you’re trying to achieve with your project, then consider your "wants" versus "needs." When dialing in the project scope, this will help you make trade-offs to keep the project cost within your budget. Once you have a general idea of the project you’d like to complete, we recommend getting an estimate from multiple contractors. This is the best way to get a realistic sense of how much the project will cost.