Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom may be the most frequently visited. Think about it – it’s where your day begins and ends and is a room almost every guest is guaranteed to see. With all that use, it’s easy for your bathroom to become a victim of wear and tear. Luckily, keeping it up to date can be done quickly and affordably. Here are 10 easy ways.


Paint Your Walls

A fresh coat of paint in a modern color can liven any room, especially your bathroom, and is an easy DIY. You can make a bold statement with a vivid and rich color or keep with a crisp pastel or neutral color for a clean, bright feel.


Replace the Mirror

This may be the easiest fix for your bathroom. With an abundance of mirrors on the market, have fun choosing one that doesn’t just reflect you, but reflects your personality. Place multiple small mirrors together in a collage or use an oversized ornate one. The best part is that you can switch the mirror as often as you like.

 White And Blue Bathroom Interior


Replace Your Grout

Grout grows dull so slowly that it can be hard to notice it change. But over time it dirties and loses it’s appeal. Whether you DIY or hire a professional, replacing your grout can give your counter, bath or shower a new take on life without completely redoing the room.


Switch the Lights

If you look around your bathroom and think to yourself that it needs to be brighter, or that the light fixtures don’t quite fit in, you can change them out as quick as anything. Brass wall sconces are a fun and modern take on vanity lights and a dainty chandelier will upgrade any bathroom lighting fixture.


Modern Luxury Bathroom With Shower 

Install a Vanity

Stores like Home Depot have wonderful prefabricated vanities that you can install yourself. Not only do they add sophistication and completely change the look of a bathroom, but they also add storage.


Refinish Your Tub

Refinishing your bathtub is a much easier and economical solution to replacing it altogether. You can buy all the tools separately or in a convenient kit if you want to DIY, but since this takes a little bit of skill to get an absolutely smooth finish, we’d recommend bringing in a professional.


Beautiful Modern Bathtub and Tap in the Corner of Tiled Bathroom


Replace the Toilet Seat

Skip the terry cloth or faux fur covers your great aunt used to spruce up the porcelain throne. Instead, replace it all together. If you have a screwdriver, you can easily replace the lid and seat to make it look like new.


New Plumbing Fixtures

While this upgrade can fall into the more expensive range, an elegant, quality plumbing fixture will liven your bathroom for years to come. Show off your personal style with brushed nickel, a farmhouse style faucet or vintage inspired fixtures that will last.


Chrome dripping tap. Sink faucet in bathroom. Water saving conce


Add Texture to Walls

If your walls look flat and boring, consider adding paneling like wainscot or beadboard. You can apply it to all of your walls or just one as an accent point. Paneling a wall adds dimension to your bathroom and can add a charming countryside feel that will cheer up the space.

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