Your entryway has a lot of expectations built on it—it has to make a statement, tell guests about your family and be welcoming all while being functional. No pressure.

Luckily this little welcome world can juggle it all. It’s easy enough to do no matter how big or how small your entryway is. Whether it’s a narrow hallway or grand foyer, we’ve gathered ten tips to help you get the most out of your entryway.

1. Begin With the End

End tables with drawers are not just eye candy. They’re extremely functional in your entryway. Use the drawers to catch things like keys, wallets and sunglasses while also storing chargers so you won’t forget your now fully charged cell on your way out.

Entryway With End Table

2. Thin Mail On Your Way In

Under that end table or nearby, keep a small recycling bin to immediately throw junk mail into. This will keep clutter down and limit what you’re bringing into the house.

Entryway With Cubby

3. Organizers

Similarly, keep a correspondence organizer on the table, or even repurpose a short order receipt hook. Sort it by outgoing mail, school papers, bills to pay, even shopping lists to keep your family organized. It’s also helpful to keep a calendar with the family schedule nearby so you know your to-dos as you walk out the door.

Calendar On Desk

4. Add a Mirror

As you’re on the way out the door, having a mirror en route is great for last minute touchups. It also pulls double duty by reflecting light and making your entry seem bigger and more inviting.

Yellow Entryway

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5. Bench It

Putting a chair or bench in your entryway to make taking shoes on and off much easier, and keeps people from kicking them off anywhere. Place bins below the bench so family and friends can quickly stow them as soon as they’re off.

Entryway With Bench

6. Scented Entry

Your entry makes a statement and welcomes guests. Even if it’s the most beautifully decorated entry in the world, it will still make a poor impression if there’s an odor—say from those shoes under the bench? Adding a scented candle or potpourri is that finishing touch that says “welcome to our home.”

Potpourri and Candle

7. In the Off-Season

When winter disappears, so should your winter coats. Keeping them in your entry will add to clutter which is never attractive. As the weather warms up be sure to store your off-season coats along with the rest of your off-season clothes.

Store Away Clothes

8. Basket Cases

Regardless of the season, having a couple baskets for loose items will make them easier to find and reduce clutter. Keep a few small-medium sized baskets for gloves, hat, scarves, sunglasses, and even guests’ keys.

Decorative Baskets

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9. Hall Runner

Adding a runner to your entry draws guests in while also kicking some of the dirt off of their shoes (and off your floors). Just be sure that it’s washable, allows clearance for your door and that you use a rug pad to keep it in place. If cleaning a runner isn’t your thing but you like the look, you can fake it by painting one directly onto your floor.

Hallway Runner

10. A Personal Touch

Your entry is the first impression guests have of your home and the first thing you see when you arrive each day. Add your own personal touches to make it yours: family pictures, engaging wall displays or unique lamps.

Mirror in Entryway



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