Electrifying your home with a bold, beautiful color palette is one of the most fun home improvement projects there is. You get to explore new shades and styles to create a whole new ambiance in your home. If you want to go for a bold palette, here are 10 tips and ideas to help you design with color and drama.

1. Pick a Tone

You can go with as many different colors as you’d like throughout your home, but we suggest picking a foundational tone for all of the colors to follow. Having different jewel tones throughout can add elegance, but when you cross from one primary room to one with pastels, it can be jarring.

Fucshia and Purple Living Room


2. Follow Proportions

If you’re feeling a little intimidated by bold hues, start by using two colors of equal intensities in unequal proportions against a base. Follow the 60-30-10 rule with 60% base color to anchor, 30% a bold color and 10% accent color(s).

Coral and Teal Living Room

3. One Palette Many Ways

Even if you have just one palette, you can bring it out many ways no matter how many colors you choose. Begin with one anchoring piece that has as many of the colors you’ve chosen as possible. Rugs are a good start. Then, incorporate the colors wherever you please like in chairs, pillows, curtains, trims, etc. Sprinkle some neutrals throughout to bind all of the pieces together.

Orange and Gray Living Room

4. One Big Bold Statement

Another option is to just have one piece serve as a focal point for a room. Choose decorative chairs in a bright red or teal, or paint your fireplace a vivid color.

Teal Couch

5. Floor It

You can make a big statement by using your floor as the anchor for your palette. There are many graphic floor tile or paint design options available that will ground your room in fun. You can either keep the rest of the decor neutral to draw emphasis to the floor, or pull from the palette in your accent pieces.

Bright Rug in Living Room

6. Fervent Front Doors

The most personality you’ve seen from a front door probably came in the color red. But why stop there? Go for another color or go wild and freestyle a graphic motif that reflects your home’s interior design.

Pink Interior Door

7. Accent Walls

Whether with art, decor, furniture or the wall itself, accent walls add depth to any room. Create a collage of mismatched picture frames painted the same color, place a bold piece of furniture, or paint or paper the wall in wild colors and patterns. Just make sure you pull that theme through the rest of the room.

Red Accent Wall

8. Accent Every Wall

Why stop at one accent wall? A room saturated in color can add coziness. Paint the entire room (and ceiling) one color to cocoon yourself in hues if you feel so bold.

Purple Walls

9. Stare at the Ceiling

A decorated ceiling adds a very welcomed surprise, especially if your home features recessed ceilings. Keep walls neutral to use a bold color, or paint walls and the ceiling complimentary colors. Use a bright, white trim to keep colors from feeling muddled together.

Blue Walls

10. Hidden Splashes

If you have built in cabinets, display cases or bookshelves, the inside of these furnishings can add a hidden splash of color. Paint the interior one or many colors for a bright accent that will liven up your room.

Green and Teal Living Room


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