As a homeowner, you are probably equipped with a few home improvement tools to help you with the basics like hanging a picture or putting together Ikea furniture. And while you probably won’t be able to do all of your home improvement projects yourself, it can’t hurt to be armed with the right tool in case an emergency fix is needed. We tapped into our network of Pro’s for their recommendation on what tools to have on hand in your house; here’s what they came up with.

Finish Hammer

A finish hammer is lightweight with a smooth head and can come in handy for anything from simple tasks like hanging a picture or taking a nail out of a deck, to more complex projects like attaching moldings and baseboards to your wall. Our Pro’s recommend any of Estwing’s Nail Hammers.

Laser Level

A laser level is the perfect tool to use to make sure that whatever it is you are hanging is straight and level. A laser level is sophisticated in that it will help you put a level line all the way across a room, which is ideal, for example, for hanging things at the same height as they relate to doors and windows. Our Pro’s recommend any of Stanley’s Laser Level tools.


A hacksaw is a simple, but practical tool and is ideal for cutting through wood and other hard materials like metal and plastic. Our Pro’s recommend Dewalt’s Multi-Function Hacksaw.

Tape Measure

Tape measures allow you to take measurements easily and accurately and can be used to help you determine anything from how much paint you’ll need to paint a room to whether or not a new couch will fit in your front door. Not all tape measures are created equal and because of that, our Pro’s recommend any in Stanley’s Fatmax line; they are easy to read and extend up to 11 feet without a partner.


A screwdriver set usually includes a versatile handle and a set of different screwdriver heads to suit whatever project you are working on, from putting together furniture to securing a light fixture to your wall. There is no need to go fancy with a screwdriver set, so our Pro’s recommend Ace Hardware’s simple six-piece set.

Cordless Drill

A drill can serve many functions around the house, rapidly speeding up the time it takes to get things accomplished. In addition to making holes, small and large, drills can be used for interesting tasks like sanding surfaces or stirring paint. Our Pro’s recommend Ridgid’s 18v Lithium Ion Hammer/Drill Driver Kit.

Driving Bit Set

A driving bit set is a crucial addition to your cordless drill and will ensure that regardless of the task at hand, you will have the right attachment to get your job, conventional or unconventional, done. Our Pro’s recommend Makita’s 70 Piece Impact Drill-Driver Bit Set.

Non-Contact Voltage Tester

This tool allows a safe way to test for a live current in your home’s electrical network that includes switches, outlets and fixtures. A non-contact voltage tester comes in handy in the event that you should need to change a light bulb or safely troubleshoot why something isn’t working. Our Pro’s recommend Klein Tools’ Non-Contact Voltage Tester.

Utility Knife

A utility knife, commonly known as a box-cutter, can be used for many general purpose projects around the home like opening up and breaking down boxes and cutting string and tape and for more specialized use cases like stripping wires. Our Pro’s recommend Kobalt’s 6-Blade Utility Knife.

Magnetic Stud Finder

A magnetic stud finder can help you find metal studs behind your wall, floors or ceiling, something that is particularly useful when looking to secure whatever you are hanging to something stable. A little known fact is that magnetic stud finders can also find pipes and wires to help you avoid hitting them as you hang or work. Our Pro’s recommend Master Magnetics’ Stud Finder.

Safety Glasses

Regardless of the work being done around the house, safety glasses are a must to ensure the safety of your eyes. Our Pro’s recommend Uvex as your safety glass resource.

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