After the kitchen, the family room comes in a very close second on our list of favorite rooms (sorry, but you can’t beat a good family meal). It’s where we can all enjoy each other’s company, maybe a good movie or enlivening game. It’s where we entertain, have birthday parties and sleepovers—it’s where we make memories. Such a fun and important room should always look the part, so here are 11 fun features that you can incorporate into your family room ideas.

1. Daring Decor

This is one of if not the most casual room in your home, so feel free to take some risks in your decor or be more playful. Use a graphic wallpaper, bright color palette, fun rug or bold sofa. Or use all of them! It’s a place for family and fun so let your whimsy shine through.

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2. Interactive Walls

Touchscreen walls may not be too far in our futures, but in the meantime, you can still create interactive walls with magnetic, chalkboard and whiteboard paint. Magnetic paint can be layered under regular paint and still retain its qualities, so you can paint a fun mural, map or design over it and use magnets to add to it. Or, create a giant chalkboard or whiteboard for family and friends to make their own pictures and play games. What better idea for a family room

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3. Bigger, Better Family Photo

Alternatively, you can use that wall to feature your family’s photos. And we’re not talking in a frame. There are companies you can use that will enlarge your favorite photo to create a wall mural that adheres to your wall.

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4. Kids’ Art as Art

Our last suggestion for a wall feature is to graduate your kids’ art from the fridge and use it to create a collage on the wall. You can frame certain pieces and use them as feature art, or use that magnetic paint we talked about earlier and let your kids hang it up as soon as they create it.

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5. Play with Your Furniture

Not just in design, but literally. DIY oversized dice or building block coffee tables or create a giant chessboard if you have the space. Modular furniture can be transformed into forts and rugs can be printed as board games.

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6. Speaking of Games…

Games are a quintessential feature of a fun family room. Make table games pull double duty by creating or purchasing a flat table top to transform them into a functional table. Or, do the opposite: take an existing table, like the coffee table, and paint or modge podge game boards onto it.

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7. If You Really Love Movies

Ditch your television for a projector. You can go with a built in module or a portable one. Paint the opposite wall white or with projector paint and enjoy the best picture possible. The best part—besides feeling like you’re in a home theater—is that during warm weather you can have a backyard movie screening the old fashioned way: with a sheet!

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8. Homework Stations

No student likes to be sequestered in their room alone with their assignments. Keep an eye on your kids and let them join the family by creating homework stations against the wall. With narrow tables or high bars facing the wall, they can get their work done without commandeering the dining table.

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9. Keep Things Washable

Maybe not so much a fun feature, but a headache reducer. Decorate with washable rugs or outdoor rugs that are more stain resistant and use washable paint and slipcovers. Then you really can all let loose and relax in your family room.

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10. Fun Floor Cushions

From large cushions to beanbags to poufs, your options for floor seating are nearly endless. Regardless of what you choose, all are a great way to add extra seating, provide playing materials and creating fort foundations.

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11. If You’re Remodeling

If you’re redoing the whole family room, not just the design, consider these additional features. Family rooms are made that much cozier with a fireplace to gather around and roast marshmallows during the winter months. And if you entertain a lot, look into installing a wet bar. You’ll spend less time in the kitchen cleaning and preparing and more time with guests and family. Plus, with a mini-fridge, snacks are that much closer.

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