Simple pleasures like a flowering summer garden can’t be beat. Imagine smelling the floral fragrance on a warm summer day while sipping on lemonade, enjoying the fruits of your springtime labor. Planting your summer bulbs in the spring will ensure you can enjoy a beautiful garden all summer long, and we’re here to help you decide what to plant. 


Flower Bulb


Below are 11 of the most popular bulbs to plant this spring.


1. Allium


These airy purple spheres will keep you waiting before they make an appearance. Late and high summer bloomers, their airy purple spheres are well worth the wait.





2. Oriental Lily

Oriental Lily

“Flamboyant and fragrant” brings one star-shaped flower to mind, because the Oriental Lily does enjoy being the star of the garden. They come in two sizes, tall tree and ground cover, but both are best kept in a shady container until they’re ready to make their entrance.



3. Begonia


Begonia’s are brightly colored, rose-like flowers that are perfect for shady areas like your patio, window boxes and hanging baskets. These cheery flowers will keep you smiling a long time, too, blooming throughout summer into early November.




4. Gladiolus


After a brief stint out of fashion, like the 70s, these grandiose flowers are back in style. Their bright, ruffled blooms hold up well in your garden and as floral arrangements.




5. Fragrant Gladiolus

Fragrant Gladiolus

A cousin of the Gladiolus, Fragrant Gladiolus grow tall with white flowers that have a purple throat. They are a welcome addition to any full-sun garden with their renowned, sweet scent.




6. Crocosmia


These low maintenance flowers are easy to grow even if your thumb isn’t green. The exotic red, orange and yellow blooms will make your full-sun garden look bright and professionally planted.




7. Scadoxus


One look and you can see why this flower is nicknamed the “Fireball Lily.” Not only in look, but also because it needs a lot of warmth to grow and will do best in a greenhouse or patio container.




8. Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris

Beautiful with ruffled blooms, the Bearded Iris has a perfectly light fragrance in all of its colors. Let it be the center of attention in open areas with lots of light (or in a vase if you can’t resist).




9. Nectaroscordum


One of the most unique flowers, Nectaroscordum has bell shaped flowers on arched stems to look like miniature candelabras throughout your garden. They are wonderful feature flowers dotted throughout your garden, and if you allow them to seed, they won’t need replanting.



10. Dahlia


Dahlias are fun flowers coming in just about any color—but be careful when buying them! They come in two varieties. One grows to be a couple of inches, and another grows six feet tall with flowers as big as a person’s head.




11. Calla Lily

Calla Lily

Also known simply as the Calla, they come in a wide range of colors, but are most popular in white. The stunning, arrow shaped foliage and flowers are an architectural asset to your garden and prefer full or part sun.



Explore your options when it comes to planting bulbs for summer and let it be the fun treat it is! Come summer, you’ll have a beautiful garden to relax in, and even more beautiful bouquets to pick.


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