Straight off the runway and into your home, these 16 colors from Pantone bring soft, cool and warm tones inspired by nature. The Spring 2015 collection is all about en plein air, a French expression meaning “in the open air,” and includes an eclectic yet ethereal palette of understated brights, pale pastels and nature-like neutrals. Here are this years pantone spring colors to consider

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Learn more about this season’s hottest colors and how to use them in your home.

1. Aquamarine

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Pairs well with: Glacier Gray and Marsala

This is the 2015 lead color for femininity with its cool, calming and open feel. The pastel tone is a great stress reducer, and when used in seating areas, it will subtly brighten a dark room.

2. Scuba Blue

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Pairs well with: Classic Blue and Lucite® Green

Carefree and playful, Scuba Blue adds a splash of excitement from an exotic paradise. You’ll feel as though you’ve escaped to a tropical ocean when using this color in a bold stripe pattern on walls, upholstery or as a simple accent pillow.

3. Lucite® Green

Lucite Green

Pairs well with: Classic Blue and Scuba Blue

A unique yet soothing green, Lucite® Green is a pantone spring color that brings a freshness with a minty glow. It feels almost transparent, so it’s perfect for a rug to illuminate a room.

4. Classic Blue

Classic Blue

Pairs well with: Sandstone and Marsala

Calm and confident, this timeless color brings harmony to any room as the anchor to your palette. A classic, it feels thoughtful and introspective and can be used anywhere.

5. Toasted Almond

Toasted Almond

Pairs well with: Lavender Herb

Toasted Almond brings a balance and coolness with the comforting warmth of a sunny spring day. This versatile, organic neutral brings a warm feeling to walls in rooms with lots of natural light to keep it from feeling dull.

6. Strawberry Ice

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Pairs well with: Toasted Almond and Tangerine

Cool and refreshing just like its name, Strawberry Ice has a charming confectionary color that glows fantastically. Use it in cheery wallpaper paired with wood furniture to keep it sweet.

7. Tangerine

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Pairs well with: Toasted Almond and Strawberry Ice

It’s juicy and energizing without being overwhelmingly orange. Tangerine brings a versatile brightness with a tangy edge perfect for statement upholstery. If you feel especially bold, pair it with gold.

8. Custard

Yellow - Wallpaper

Pairs well with: Classic Blue

The name says it all. Custard is a delicious and delectable yellow that’s sunny and sweet. It’s easy disposition brings comfort to bright bedding and pillows.

9. Marsala

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Pairs well with: Sandstone and Classic Blue

Interesting on its own, but a bold contrast for other hues, Marsala is a foundation color for a palette that stands boldly with grounding confidence. Sensual and earthy like its namesake, use it as a pop of color such as a stand-out accent chair.

10. Glacier Gray

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Pairs well with: Dusk Blue and Treetop

More masculine than the other hues, Glacier Gray is an unobstructive gray that contrasts and enhances other shades. The most perfect and timeless neutral, it relaxes a room in cool upholstery with matching pillows.

11. Lavender Herb

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Pairs well with: Toasted Almond

As soothing as the actual plant, Lavender Herb intrigues the eye with its creative shade and brings comfort with its color. Bring a room together from top to bottom by using it both in statement overhead lighting and a dramatic rug.

12. Titanium

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Pairs well with: Lavender Herb and Woodbine

Strong, masculine and solid. Titanium is classic and tasteful with a quality-feeling. Paint it on walls with a hint of sparkle to catch the sunlight, but be sure to pair it with white floors and wood pieces to keep it from feeling industrial.

13. Woodbine

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Pairs well with: Lavender Herb and Titanium

This tropical green will take you on a relaxing vacation without leaving home. Nature’s neutral, it looks amazing on walls when balanced through the room with a bright yellow.

14. Sandstone

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Pairs well with: Marsala and Classic Blue

Like a stone, Sandstone grounds a room in its rugged, woodsy feel. The earthy beauty of this complex neutral complements your kitchen in cabinetry or as accent bowls and vases.

15. Treetop

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Pairs well with: Glacier Gray and Dusk Blue

A neutral and fertile green, Treetop is ideal as a background for other shades, like the green of a flowering plant. Paired with a daring red, it brings harmony and presence to walls or as mantle accessories.

16. Dusk Blue

Light - Cuvier Island

Pairs well with: Glacier Gray and Treetop

A favorite pantone spring color for a masculine feel, it gives a soaring sensation as it mimics the sky. Bring safety and a calm quiet to rooms with moody blue walls or colorful tiles.

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