When your space is limited, you feel it. Sometimes you have to sacrifice design you want for design you need—function before form. However, with these 25 creative space saving ideas we found on Pinterest, you won’t have to compromise, and you may even have a little space leftover!

Attic - Stairs

1. Fix False Front Doors

You can optimize the false doors on cabinetry. While you won’t be able to install a full-sized drawer, you can attach a hinge to the panel for a small space perfect for storing sponges, toothbrushes and makeup. The false doors below cabinets can be transformed into pull-out drawers as well.

Kitchen - Cabinetry

2. Utilize Cupboard Doors

With a towel rack and some hooks, the inside of cupboard doors can free up a lot of drawer and counter space. You can hang utensils, tools, and small pots and pans, or even apply a magnetic strip to make a floating spice rack.

Kitchen - Kitchen cabinet

3. Mini-Rolling Cupboard

Do you have a gap between appliances or cabinets somewhere in your home? Look into constructing a mini-rolling cupboard. It takes a little bit of DIY skills to put together this cupboard on wheels with wooden boards, dowels and wheels, but the added storage space is well worth the effort for space saving hack.

Kitchen - Room

4. Save Space Under Stairs

The area under your stairs is one of the most underutilized areas of the home. You can splurge and create some custom cabinetry for the space or get creative at the Container Store with their stackable drawers. You can make an impromptu office space, puzzle-piece bookshelf or use it as hidden storage. Similarly, you can turn the steps into drawers, too!

Stairs - House

5. Pocketed Shower Curtains

Even your shower curtain can be put to storage use. Buying a shower curtain with pockets can add space for bath essentials or even kids’ bath toys, and if you reverse its orientation you can use the same curtain for non-shower bathroom items.

Curtain - Window

6. Shelves, Shelves Everywhere

Blank walls, corners, you can put a shelf or shelving unit wherever you have space. Open shelving can be especially handy and crafty in your kitchen and by creating floor to ceiling shelves, you have the added bonus of drawing the eye upwards to give the illusion of more space.

Tiny house movement - Interior Design Services

7. Floating Closet

Running out of closet space is an all too tragically common problem. But you can add a little extra room by taking a cue from very high-end fashion houses. Hang a dowel or interesting rod from a pair of chains to create a floating wardrobe in your room. By displaying your best pieces, it can actually become a chic addition.

Closet - Wardrobe

8. Retractable Pantry Drawers

Convert your pantry drawers to retractable ones if you’re low on counter space. Then you can stow your small appliances inside to free up some room for cooking for a space saving idea.

Microwave oven - Cabinetry

9. Create a Door-Shelf

All that space around your doors is just sitting there. Make it earn its keep by creating a bookshelf around your door frame with weight bearing pieces or floating shelves.

Window - Shelf

10. Downsize Breakfast

Not the meal, but the table. We love to sit down to breakfast, but sometimes space just doesn’t allow for it. Make breakfast more efficient by replacing a large table with a breakfast bar or even a DIY fold down table.

Table - Kitchen

11. Repurpose an Old Dresser

If you bathroom sink is just that, a sink, you’re missing out on a huge storage opportunity. You can always buy a vanity from the home improvement store, but repurposing an old dresser adds much more personality and personal touch.

Bathroom cabinet - Bathroom

12. Under Bed Storage

Don’t settle for shoving boxes under your bed. There are many bed frames that come with pull out drawers on the market that will have more space. If you’re really looking to use as much storage as possible, place your mattress on top of a storage unit and think bigger than stowing seasonal sweaters.

Design - Bed

13. Ditch the Ironing Board

For how often you use it, your ironing board is taking up a lot of space—and it also takes a lot of space to use! Instead, swap it for a padded, quilted, iron-safe fabric with magnets attached to the corners. To iron, you drape it over your washer/dryer and voila! Space-saving ironing.

Laundry room - Ironing board

14. Magnetic Board

All of those little tchotchkes, bobby pins, cotton balls etc take up a lot of space in drawers. Instead, attach a magnetic strip to the wall or inside of a cabinet drawer to hang your tools. If you have a bunch of loose items, hang them in a jar with a magnetic strip attached. You can also add a magnetic strip to anything non-magnetized.

If you’re feeling even craftier, take an entire sheet of galvanized metal, add a thin piece of fabric or paper and hang it on the wall in a frame.

Magnet - Sheet metal

15. Vertical Silverware

Laying flatware flat can take up a lot of space. Instead, DIY little silverware “cubbies” in your deepest drawer and store them vertically for a space saving idea.

Vertical Silverware

16. Keep Pots and Pans Out of Drawers

These are the biggest space thieves in the kitchen. Reclaim your space by hanging them on a pegboard on the wall.

Perforated hardboard - Kitchen

17. Put Your Headboard to Work

Headboards are beautiful decorations for your bedroom, but other than looking pretty, they have no function. Change that by purchasing a headboard with storage, either drawers or shelves, to add some utility. These headboards are especially useful if you don’t have room for a nightstand.

Headboard Storage

18. Convert Your Coffee Table

Your current coffee table may have a shelf beneath the tabletop, but it could be doing so much more. Opt for an old, low chest or cubby for even more stowing capacity. For even more added utility, add locking wheels to the bottom and a seat cushion on top. Now you can use it as extra seating, roll it out of the way or add serving trays for entertaining.

Ottoman - Living room

19. Double Duty Nightstand

Nightstands are so one-functional. But that means with a little creativity you can do so much more with it during the day. Opt for one a little larger with a fun chair to turn your nightstand to a desk.

Nightstand - Table

20. Make Your Shelves Work

If your space is low on natural daylight, give your shelves another use by adding small lights beneath them. Or if you already have plenty of light, add hooks to hang jackets, bags and more!

Nightstand - Shelf

21. Window Blind Into Rack

With a little creativity and a screwdriver, you can convert your window blinds to also serve as a clothing rack. This trick is especially useful in your laundry room.

Window Rack

22. Jewelry Art

Many people are already displaying their jewelry on their walls as art, but if you’re like us, you may find it incredibly difficult to keep tidy. Instead, place a piece of art on a small wooden frame with a hinge. It will conceal your jewelry while looking just as pretty.

Jewelry Storage - Jewellery

23. Ditch the Bucket

Keeping your cleaning supplies in a bucket or box under the sink is extremely inefficient. Make use of the spray bottles’ handles by placing a dowel under the sink to hang them on.

Kitchen - Sink

24. Bookcase Sofa Table

Instead of a traditional sofa table, back your sofa with a low bookcase. It’s a great place to keep your remotes, DVDs and kids’ toys.

Table - Living room

25. Hamper End Tables

Nothing makes watching a movie at home better than cuddling up under a blanket, but they and those decorative pillows take up a lot of valuable space when they’re not being used. Use wicker hampers or a similar piece as end tables so that they double as storage.

Table - Nightstand

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