Whether we are aware of it or not, color has a great influence on people. There’s even a psychology behind the colors we are most drawn to, or the color palette we choose to represent in our homes. It goes beyond taste and perception, causing specific stimulations and evoking certain emotions.

The color green is the focus of this article. Green can be both feminine and masculine, as well as rich and bold, or soft and subtle. Green symbolizes nature and balance, and evokes a relaxing sensation. Hospitals even use green to put patients at ease. At the same time, green can be vibrant and alive, and some theorize that the color can improve a student’s ability to read.

Whether you are looking to add green for a calming effect or invigorate a space, here are seven versatile ways you can use the color green in your home.


1. Charming Green Garden Room


Charming Green Garden Room


2. Soft Sage Green Painted Kitchen Cabinets


Soft Sage Green Painted Kitchen Cabinets


3. Shabby Chic Shades of Green Dining Chairs


Shabby Chic Green Dining Chairs


4. Classic Mint Green Bathroom


Classic Mint Green Bathroom


5. Accents of Spring Green Living Room


Spring Green Living Room


6. Modern Mediterranean Green Mix Bedroom


Modern Mediterranean Green Mix Bedroom


7. Playful Green Kids Room 


Playful Green Kids Room


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