In many places, spring feels like it is right around the corner. And when the sun starts to come out, flowers start to show the first signs of blooming – only if your garden is equipped, of course. If you didn’t get to planting bulbs before the winter, but still want to get a jump-start on your garden colors this year, consider planting these four flowers, all of which are ripe for growing in spring.


Lilacs come in all shapes, sizes and colors, but their real draw is the way they smell. Another benefit to Lilacs is that they are strong, super low-maintenance and once planted, grow tall and proud. Depending on the species, Lilacs can grow from 5 to 15 feet tall, and usually bloom at the end of May for a few weeks.

Lilac flowers background


Pansies prefer cooler weather, which means that the spring is the perfect time to plant them. They can grow up to nine inches in height and can survive freezing weather and snow for a short while. Pansies are perennials (although sometimes grow as annuals), so if you plant them this spring, they will return again next year at the same time.

Flower Pansy


If there is ever a flower that signifies spring, it is the Daffodil. Also called the Narcissus, the Daffodil comes in a range of shapes and sizes, with about 50 different species. Daffodil flowers tend to be either white or yellow and are also very hardy, growing in most areas of North America except Southern Florida. As we all know, these flowers are perfect for cutting.

Yellow Spring Narcissus


With a vast array of bright colors and more than 75 species, the Tulip is one of the best garden flowers to plant in spring. Tulips do best in areas that have dry weather during the summer months, with cold winters. Plant Tulips in early spring in your flowerbed or around the border of your garden and enjoy their beauty through the early summer months.

Tulip. Beautiful Bouquet Of Tulips. Colorful Tulips. Tulips In S

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