While painting your ceiling is probably not on your list of home improvement priorities, with a little creativity, it can help transform the look and feel of any room in your house. With a little paint, you can add depth, height, and even personality by way of your ceiling. So, whether you plan to DIY or hire a professional, here are four tips to guide you as you get your paint on.


Let it shine

Add sophistication to your ceiling with high gloss paint, or a stencil pattern in a high gloss finish. Alternatively, you can add a coat of high gloss poly-acrylic on top of any paint finish. You may also want to try a metallic paint as light bounces off it beautifully.


Wall decal - Decal


Raise the roof

Raise a low ceiling by painting the walls and ceiling the same color, including the crown molding if you have it, which will disguise where the actual ceiling begins. Make the ceiling smaller by extending wall paint well past the architectural line where both meet.


Stock photography - Photograph


Optical illusion

Trick your eye into experiencing taller walls and a higher ceiling by measuring an area around the perimeter of the ceiling that’s 5-8 inches from where the ceiling actually meets the walls. Tape it, and paint the inner area of the ceiling a lighter color than the walls. This creates the illusion of a higher ceiling and taller walls.

Tip: To lower a tall ceiling, do the opposite. Measure 10-12 inches below where the ceiling and wall meet; tape it and paint everything above the line a dark color and everything below a lighter color.


Paint - Ceiling


Pop of color

You can create an element of surprise to create visual interest in a room by adding a bold pop of color to your ceiling. You can also consider adding color to a feature you want to highlight, like a fireplace (or just the mantel) or the inside of built in shelving or a bookcase can add some cheer.

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