While not entirely new, Quartz is a material that has recently exploded onto the home renovation scene. Considered to be of the hardest materials in the world, Quartz has many unique properties that make it an ideal resource for kitchen countertops and other surfaces in new and renovated homes. Here are four reasons why Quartz should be the material of choice for your next countertop decision.

It’s Virtually Indestructible

Quartz is manufactured by combining finely ground and naturally mined quartz and polymer resin, to create an incredibly hard material. These countertops are considered to be virtually impossible to destroy, especially with regular wear and tear.

It’s Low-Maintenance

Quartz can live in homes with little worry of constant maintenance or replacement.
Because it is so durable, it is safe from the stain and erosion that cooking oils and cleaning products can have on other surfaces. There is also no need to constantly reseal its surface.

It’s Anti-Microbial

The manufacturing process behind Quartz gives it an anti-microbial property. This helps to decrease the amount of odor and disease causing bacteria that can grow on the countertops, and also reduced mold and mildew growth.

It’s Flexible

Because it is manufactured, Quartz can be made into a variety of different colors. It can also be bended and shaped into fashionable countertops in a number of different themes and can be adapted to fit almost any design.

Despite all of its advantages, there are few things to keep in mind with Quartz. For example, it can be more expensive than cheaper countertop material alternatives such as wood or concrete and is either as costly or slightly more expensive than comparable materials such as granite. Quartz also cannot handle extreme heat, which may be problematic in a kitchen setting.

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