As a member of the grass family with more than 1500 species worldwide, bamboo is highly renewable, grows faster than a tree, regenerates quickly, is more sustainable than wood, and grows in a wide range of climates. It is also strong, flexible, lightweight, and mostly water-resistant. Bamboo’s aesthetic appeal can’t be denied, which is arguably the main reason it has emerged as a popular building material. Here are four ways (with plenty of caveats) to incorporate Bamboo into your indoor and outdoor living space.


Bamboo flooring is not only considered an eco-friendly substitute for hardwood floorings, but is also a beautiful alternative in terms of style and color and can also be less expensive than traditional walnut or pine. Keep in mind that the lifespan of bamboo planks depend heavily on the quality of the sealers that were used to create them, and could pose a problem in climates with harsh winters and lots of moisture. Sunlight can also bleach the color of the bamboo floors and because Bamboo is not a hard wood, heavy furniture can mar the texture quite easily.


Wallpaper made from bamboo can add unique style and lend distinction to otherwise lackluster walls. Usually, bamboo wall coverings are laminated to a heavy paper backing so to remain stable and set the tone of the room. But keep in mind that bamboo attracts moisture and can only be gently dusted or vacuumed, so may not be suitable for places like the kitchen and bathroom.


Bamboo is strong and hard and is also a highly sustainable natural resource, and as such, is considered an alternative to the medium density fiberboard that seems to be the mainstay of mass-produced cabinetry. However, since all bamboo is not created equally, pay special attention to quality especially with cabinets where wear and tear are commonplace.

Countertops & Sinks

Solid bamboo countertop sheets are a great alternative to granite, quartz and marble. Bamboo sheets are available in different styles and sizes and are usually constructed with cross-band laminates that keep the top flat and minimize twisting and warping. Bamboo sinks are also growing in popularity, combining a warm and elegant feel with strength, and are more affordable than their teak counterparts.

Bamboo Fences and Decks

Build with Bamboo to create fences that are exotic and provide natural aesthetic as they surround your home. They also prevent erosion of soil, require minimal care and maintenance and most importantly, are lasting and durable. Keep in mind that unless sealed or waterproofed, when exposed to the elements, bamboo fences have a tendency to stain, lose color, or even crack and split. Like the fences, bamboo decks also need to be treated in order to protect longevity.

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