Bathroom vanities make a big statement in your bathroom. They’re often the focal point of the room and are a good way to quickly change its whole look. But like any form of design, trends run in and out of style. Below are six trends in bathroom vanities that have grown in popularity and will remain relevant for years to come.

1. Paint it Black

A simple way to make a bold statement is to paint your vanity black or use a black faucet and fixtures. It creates a striking and unique contrast to neutral decor and can make modern all-white bathrooms feel less sterile.

Black Bathroom Vanity

2. Floating on Air

A very popular trend in vanities to give the illusion that they are floating on air. Create this look by purchasing a wall mounted vanity with beautiful and simple lines. Keeping it off the floor makes the bathroom feel more spacious, which is great if you’re low on square footage. If you need the storage, opt for a vanity that still has traditional paneling but lacks legs.

Wall Mount Sink

3. Modern Rustic

Shabby chic has been taken to a whole new level and evolved into “modern rustic.” If you’re DIY handy, refurbish an old dresser into a time-worn classic vanity. If you’re not, don’t worry. There are plenty vintage looking vanities you can purchase to bring in the same warm and inviting feel.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Vanity

4. Bowl Topped

Another trend is to replace sinks with vessel-style bowls. They’re eye catching and unusual and add an edge to any personal style. Classic white bowl-sinks add a country cottage presence or minimalism to traditional bathrooms, while the abundance of graphic, bold and stone bowls become a staple in contemporary and bold rooms.

Double Vessel Sinks

5. Pedestal

Pedestal sinks are back and we couldn’t be more pleased. Their charming vintage look stands alone in a quaint bathroom, and when you add metal accents, the result is a delightful edginess. To update the traditional white pedestal, go for one with metal legs for a minimalist and retro look.

Pedestal Sink

6. Furniture Style

Bring a furniture-like feel to your bathroom vanity. Look for vanities with legs that lift it from the floor and open shelving where you can put fluffy towels and chic bottles. Repurposed hutches and dressers work very well for this style of vanity by creating a dramatic focal point. The best part with this statement piece is that its classic look will serve as a good foundation even as your style changes.

Furniture Style Bathroom Vanity


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