The kitchen is the command center of many homes: a place to gather, celebrate, and connect with each other over a hot meal. Because our kitchens are so important to our family lives, however, we’re often hesitant to take on the daunting task of remodeling. Instead of guessing, take a look at our list of seven ways to know when it’s time to remodel:

1. You Want to Spend More Time at Home

Upgrading your kitchen does a lot for your family, from increasing time spent together to making you healthier. With improved appliances, ample room to gather, and an inviting atmosphere, you might find that your family prefers to cook at home. Whether you’re trying for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner or planning an ordinary Tuesday night, a cozy kitchen will definitely bring more people to the table.

2. You Need More Room to Roam

If you find yourself knocking elbows with the refrigerator while chopping vegetables, consider adding more space. For example, adding an island gives you extra prep space. Alternatively, increasing your upper storage can effectively clear your countertops of any small-time clutter.

There are tons of modern cabinet and cupboard designs available with features like soft-close drawers that won’t slam shut, easy-to-clean fixtures, and adjustable dividers and shelves. Carefully planning a functional and attractive kitchen requires some serious thought, so don’t settle until you’re sure that your needs are being met in the remodel planning.  

3. Your Appliances Are Outdated

If you live in an older home or haven’t updated your home in a while, it’s time to take a look at your appliances to see how you can improve your life. Modern technology has provided us with tons of improvements to cash in on. You might be surprised to discover that some of your appliances are even dangerous. For example, older refrigerators may contain cooling chemicals that deplete the ozone layer and are likely inefficient, energy-wise.

New appliances are an investment for your home, and anything made within the last few years is almost guaranteed to be much more efficient than the gadgets of yesteryear. From faster cooking times to lower electric bills, new appliances can give your family a significant boost.

4. You’re Ashamed of Your Kitchen

Your home should be your sanctuary: a place of comfort, happiness, and safety. Ideally, every room in your home will help enhance these feelings to create an overall sense of peace and belonging. Additionally, if it feels like your kitchen never looks clean despite your best efforts, consider a remodel. Your outdated countertops, faded linoleum, and ancient grouting aren’t serving you.

5. You Want to Increase the Value of Your Home

One of the fastest ways to improve the value of your home is to remodel any areas that need some TLC. People searching for a new home are likely to skip over those featuring outdated fixtures, inconvenient storage methods, and unattractive designs. If you’re looking to sell your home, think about how it will be presenting itself to potential buyers who are trying to picture themselves living in that space. Removing antiquated fixtures, updating the plumbing, and adding new storage spaces are all ways to add new value.

While remodeling your kitchen might sound like a lot of work, remember that your efforts might leads to a higher selling price.

6. Your Needs Are Not Being Accommodated

Kitchen cabinet - Kitchen remodel
Constructing kitchen island during a remodel.

Are you a microwave meal gourmand who needs lots of freezer space? Maybe you’re a passionate French chef with more cooking accessories than Williams-Sonoma? Either way, you need your kitchen to work for you. A remodel can help you stay organized by keeping your daily necessities at hand and create a sense of flow.

Modern appliances are built for comfort and convenience. Indeed, they have features with practical applications to get the most out of your kitchen.

7. You Want to Become More Environmentally Conscious

Being eco-friendly isn’t just a trend– it’s becoming a lifestyle. For many people, just recycling and turning out the lights isn’t enough to really make a difference. Thus, they’re looking for new ways to make their homes more green. After you’ve gone through and covered all of the basics (from swapping incandescent bulbs for efficient bulbs to ditching paper towels for reusable cloths), it will be time to assess the impact your appliances are having on the environment.

Newer appliances are almost all outfitted with a plethora of features that can make your home more efficient. This includes shortened cooking times, energy-saving functions, and more. One big tip for getting more out of your newly remodeled and eco-friendly kitchen is to include as much natural light as possible. This might lead you to install skylights or to change the style or quantity of your kitchen windows to optimize your daytime lighting; bonus points for including solar energy in your new design to take further advantage of this renewable resource. 


If more than a few of these things apply to your kitchen, it’s time to seriously consider a remodel. Contact to get started! We’re a team of knowledgeable construction and technology innovators who believe that real problems deserve real solutions. Additionally, we’re deeply committed to streamlining the home renovation process. 

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