It’s been seven days since we launched, and we thought it was the perfect time to highlight the top seven most uncommon home projects we’ve seen thus far:

7) “Build a grow room”- We saw a few Prestimates for this from Seattle and Denver (#12thman).

6)  “Run over my neighbor’s garden hose with the lawn mower” – From the CEO: “We and our pros do not condone intentional or malicious property damage.”

5) “Mow my neighbor’s lawn” – Unsurprisingly we saw a few of these requests from ZIP codes in the ‘burbs. We can help.

4) “Build a dungeon” – From the CEO again: “Only if it does not involve wrongful imprisonment.”

3) “Build helicopter pad” – If you’re planning to build Stark Tower, count us in!

2) “Shark aquarium” – Note: Prestimates provide reliable labor estimates only. Check your county for animal/zoning restrictions.

1) “I’m a vampire” – We’re still working on finding you the right Pro.

Whatever your home project, we love what you’re doing and hope we can help. What are you working on? Price it today and share your project with us on Facebook or Twitter.


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