Home ownership, while incredibly empowering, can also be quite overwhelming. Sure, some of us can tap into our inner handy selves to combat things like drippy faucets, squeaky floors and moldy grout, but most of us need guidance and often times, help to keep our homes maintained. If your new year’s resolution includes taking better care of your house, here are eight apps that will help guide you in 2015.


With more than four million design-inspired pictures to gawk at, this app is the ultimate tool for those looking to do home improvement in style. Like the Houzz website, you can easily search by style, room and location and then save ideas to your own personal ‘virtual ideabook’. The Houzz app makes it really easy to access your designs on the go and to share them with friends and your home professionals. Available on iPhone and Android for free.


Like Houzz, Homestyler is a very useful app to consult before beginning any design-oriented home improvement project. The app lets you experiment with home décor through a 3D interface where you can upload pictures of any room in your house and then customize your design by adding real-world products. With Homestyler, you can easily visualize how items will look in your house and ultimately, share your ideas with friends and family for their input. Available on iPhone and Android for free.


If your home improvement project involves designing a new floor plan, MagicPlan can come to the rescue without a single measure, drawing or piece of furniture moved. By simply holding up your phone and scanning the dimensions of a room, MagicPlan instantly measures your space and draws out a floor plan to create an indoor map of your design area. Once complete, your creation can be exported to a number of platforms for easy viewing and altering from your desktop. Available on iPhone and Android for free.


With ColorSnap, choosing what color to paint your wall no longer needs to be a painful and involved process. For inspiration, simply tap into your stored photo album, or use the in-app camera to take a picture of a color that delights you and the app will work to match that color from Sherman-Williams’ collection of paint. Once you have chosen the color of your dreams, you can use the ColorSnap app to virually impose it on the wall you are wishing to paint so you can see what it will look like in your house. Finally, once you’ve decided what color to go with, ColorSnap calculates how many cans of paint you’ll need to complete the job. Available on iPhone and Android for free.

Handy Man DIY

If you are planning a renovation or remodel, the Handy Man DIY app will keep all the many pieces of your project organized. With this app, you can easily keep track of your home improvement to-do’s, take pictures, track measurements, and even compile the list of materials you’ll need to complete your projects. If you are looking for one centralized location for easy and on-the go access to all of your home tasks, look no further than the Handy Man DIY app. Available on iPhone for $1.99.


While completing home improvement projects is one thing, prioritizing and even remembering which ones need to get done, are tasks unto themselves. This app helps you compile your chores and reminds you when they need to get done, all the while providing hints and tips to accomplish them along the way. Available on iPhone and Android for free.


iScape is the ultimate tool to aid you in your landscape design projects. With a plethora of landscape elements available to easily insert into a photo you take of whatever piece of land you want to redesign, you can use iScape to easily insert plants, and draw in hardscapes or flowerbeds to visualize how your dream garden will look upon completion before you break a sweat. And while iScape is your perfect DIY gardening partner, it can also be a useful tool to show a landscape professional how you envision your finished design. Available on iPhone and Android for free.

iHandy Carpenter

iHandy Carpenter is your ultimate all-in-one virtual carpentry kit with five different kinds of tools built into a single app. With iHandy tool, you have on-the-go access to a plumb bob, a surface level, a bubble level bar, a steel protractor, and a steel ruler. Whether you are hanging a picture or installing a door jam, look no further than this app to help you get the job done accurately and efficiently. Available on iPhone and Android for $1.99.

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