Because new homes are built every year, every city and neighborhood has a patchwork of ages and styles of home. This goes for the kitchens as well. Kitchen styles are mostly designed by the cabinets and counters. Over the decades, the most attractive and appealing designs have changed wildly. Cabinets vary with an incredibly wide range. From solid wood to metal and glass. From simple deep shelves to advanced storage racks and compartments.

If your kitchen is outdated and in need of modern cabinets, this isn’t just a matter of visual preference. It’s an opportunity to make profound improvements to your kitchen. Modernizing your kitchen cabinets is more than a matter of style because of the many additional benefits that a modernized kitchen can bring.

Let’s take a closer look at the nine top reasons any homeowner can benefit from modernizing the kitchen with custom cabinets.

1) Update the Kitchen Style

The leading reason why homeowners remodel their kitchen is to change the way it looks. A kitchen can define the personality for an entire home. Maybe warm country-style heavy wood cabinets isn’t the vibe you’re going for at home. Perhaps you’d like a more modern style or to change your kitchen to a specific design theme that better suites your own personality as a homeowner.

Updated kitchen styles can provide greater space efficiency, storage, and ease of use than older designs as our cabinet-crafting innovations grow over the decades. Your kitchen will benefit from a new look and a higher quality cabinet experience once modernized. 

2) Change the Configuration of Your Kitchen

For many homeowners, the best result is to change the floorplan and configuration of the kitchen itself. Not all kitchen designs are ideal, or ideal for your style of cooking. Changing the way the cabinets and counters define the space in your kitchen can truly transform your at-home experience. Widen the space, add or remove an island, narrow or deepen the counters. Add a bar, change the shape of the counter-wrapped area, or create additional workspaces with a new kitchen configuration and modern cabinets.

3) Redesign and Upgrade the Storage

Storage innovations have come a long way since the older houses in our nation’s communities were built. Basic cabinet technology involves boxes and shelves. But advanced storage options can make your kitchen a breeze to navigate without climbing or stooping. You can turn small “dead” spaces into narrow vertical storage for spices or utensils. You can add lazy-susan spinning racks and fold-out shelves to make reaching and using your entire cabinet space easier. And you can add compartments and wire-rack storage to every open space based on how and where you store things in the kitchen.

New storage solutions can help you clear counters, improve your storage capacity, and make stocking and retrieval infinitely easier.

4) Improve Quality and Durability

Cabinet material and construction quality also has a long road for improvement. Most homes, when built, have middle to low-end quality cabinets because this was an economical choice for the contractors who built the neighborhood. But you may have noticed that your cabinets tend to dissolve, stain, crumble, or warp due to low-quality materials. Or that they are crooked as the result of hasty or past DIY installation.

When you modernize your kitchen cabinets, you can improve both the quality and durability of your cabinets. Consider cabinet materials and models that can withstand decades of use, including the occasional leak, dropped pan, or toddler kick. 

5) Build a Sustainable Kitchen

Sustainable homes are a rising trend in real estate and in modern professional lifestyles. A sustainable home is one that is both energy-efficient and built out of eco-friendly renewable resources. A sustainable kitchen is made up of many aspects, from water-conserving sink faucets to renewable wood in the kitchen cabinets. Reclaimed wood is a great way to get old hardwoods with personality while fast-growing woods like bamboo and lyptus are great for new solid-wood cabinets that don’t impact the ecosystem to cut and regrow.

6) Add Kitchen Features and Functionality

Most of us can think of a thing or two we’d add to our current kitchen. Maybe a second sink for big meal preparation tasks, or a slide-out cutting board, or a pot-filler faucet arm. Each home chef has a few kitchen features they’ve seen that make up their dream kitchen. Whether you long for functional widgets or hidden compartments, modernizing your kitchen cabinets gives you the opportunity to add these features to the new cabinet, counter, and storage design.

7) Extend or Change the Counter Space

Kitchen - Modern Kitchen Cabinets and Design
Modern kitchen design with lots of storage and counter space.

Maybe you’re just looking to increase kitchen efficiency with a few small changes. The width and extension of your counters define a lot about your kitchen. With minor alterations to the kitchen design, you could change your overall experience of the counters. An extended counter on kitchen island becomes a breakfast bar. A narrowed cabinet edge can create more walking and maneuvering space in the kitchen’s open area. You can also alter your kitchen counters to accommodate a handicapped family member.

8) Improve Home Energy Efficiency

Believe it or not, your cabinets can even increase the energy-efficiency of your home and reduce the likelihood of weather-related damage. The quality of your cabinets influences how much insulation they provide. Reasonably insulated cabinets are less likely to warp, freeze, or allow pipes to freeze inside them. Cabinets tend to retain cold but they can also act as a buffer to help the home maintain internal temperature at a lower energy cost.

9) Craft Your Kitchen to Suit Your Lifestyle

Lastly, modernizing your kitchen cabinets allows you to craft your kitchen to your lifestyle. Changing the cabinets introduces customized storage. moving the cabinets opens up your floor plan and configuration options. You can add extra counter space or outlets for your favorite kitchen appliances or update the appliance nooks to suit new models and designs. Further, you even raise or lower the counters and shelves to suit your family’s height range. You can open up a breakfast nook, expand your kitchen boundaries, or make everything as organized and tightly packed as possible.


If you’d like more professional insights into kitchen remodels, from timing to tile selection, contact us today! Our team would be honored to make your kitchen vision come to life.

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