We’re often advised to take a walk in nature, or get outside to de-stress and rejuvenate. Indeed, isn’t that why many of us feel refreshed after a vacation or even a weekend at the beach, a camping trip or even a hike in the woods? Well, why not bring some natural elements from the outside into your home, and connect with those quiet serene moments anytime you wish, and add some organic design interest to your home at the same time.


Outdoors Indoors


Consider the following ideas.

1. Add Indoor Potted Plants

The more the better, and an added bonus: they will help clean your indoor air! Terrariums are easy to care for, and hanging plants free up counter and floor space.

2. Let the Sunshine In

Let in natural, direct sunlight if possible: it will energize you and brighten your mood. Renovating? Think about if there’s a darker room or area of your home that could be transformed with a skylight.

3. Look From the Inside Out

Open your curtains, move any furniture or obstruction from the outside so you can see what’s happening outdoors, even if you don’t have a room with a view. Look at where your seat is—if it’s seating in a living room or if you have a workspace, position it so you can get a glimpse of the outdoors. You can even consider doing a bit of landscaping of an outside area that you see often out your window.

4. Animal Magic

Get a fish tank: the soothing sounds of the water and the mesmerizing swimming of the fish can reduce your stress level. More of a landlubber? Adopt a pet.

5. Frame It

Display framed photos or sketches of nature, or frame feathers or pressed flowers for an organic touch.

6. Rock It

You can use river rocks as simple accents in the bathroom, or make them a more integral design element by using them under the bathroom sink, or on the wall of a shower or backsplash.

7. Slice It

Tiny wood slices make for unique drawer pulls.

8. Run With It

Make a memorable decoration for a table by breaking out your glue gun and gluing together sticks lengthwise for a runner the size you want.

9. Wood Cuts

Use driftwood as the base of a coffee table, or treat is as sculpture on the top of a console or as a center piece. Tree stumps can serve as an end table, or coffee table; mini birch stumps can serve as shelf supports for a bit of rustic whimsy.

10. Bowl ‘Em Over

Don’t forget the classics: a simple bowl or hurricane filled with pine cones or fruit is timeless.

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