Garages were meant to park your car in, however, many times we just park in the driveways, leaving our garages unused. That’s some valuable real estate going to waste! Don’t succumb to the usual secondary use as a disorganized storage room and instead look into these eleven alternative uses for your garage.

1. Man Cave

One of the easiest conversions for your garage is a man cave. Realistically, it doesn’t need that much to become a man cave. Just some chairs, a sofa and entertainment system. The rest are extra luxuries: game or poker table, fridge or mini bar, video games, even installing a bathroom. You can continually add to a man cave. And on the plus side, if it gets rowdy on game days, it’s out of the house.

Poker Table

2. Game Room

Kind of like the man cave, but more family friendly. You can add most of the same things as a man cave, but with less masculine decorations and more family friendly games. It’s tons of fun to have a game night in your garage, but look into adding more comfortable touches to make it less…garage like. Area rugs, family photos and artwork, or a game-themed decor will warm up the space.

Family Shooting Pool

3. Gym

If you’ve always dreamed of having a home gym but don’t have the room, look to your garage. It has plenty of space and is much better ventilated than your home if you keep the door open. You may need to restructure the floor and walls to support equipment, but it’s worth the privacy in ditching the gym membership. Add in a cupboard to keep towels and supplies, and if you’re into weight lifting, consider adding rubber gym mats to protect your floor and equipment.

Home Gym

4. Theater

If your family is really into movies, this could be a great addition to your home. Skip over the extra features of a man cave or game room and focus solely on creating the best home theater you can. Get a large, wall-mounted TV or projector and a great sound system. Plush comfy chairs will make you never miss the movie theater and a soft rug will ensure even those standing on game day are comfortable. You can add bonus features like soundproofing or insulating to your walls if you live in a chilly environment. Just make sure that your garage is secure with all this expensive equipment and that you also cover it with a dust cloth when not in use.`

Home Theater

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5. Guest Room

Two car garages are great for guest suites. Before you convert, be sure you look into your city’s zoning laws since some city’s prohibit free standing structures or building one will turn your one-family home into a two-family one. Be sure to insulate it and add lots of blankets and maybe a space heater when you build.

Guest Room

6. Hang-Out Room

Got teenagers? Consider turning your garage into a space where they can hang out. All you need is a sofa for them to lounge, maybe a mini-fridge for snacks and possibly a TV. Then, you can let them do whatever teenagers do without constantly telling them to keep it down.

Teens Eating Pizza

7. Home Office

Do you work from home? Would you like a little more separation from your work and home life? Consider converting your garage into a home office. The same tips apply, insulation and security, but the rest is up to you! Desks, tables, divided conference rooms—it will all depend on what you do for a living. If you need a little inspiration, check out our article on converting sheds into Shedquarters.

Home Office

8. Entertaining Space

If you host a lot of parties and could use a little extra space, convert your garage into an extension of your backyard and host even bigger soirees! Add in seating, lights, a minibar and maybe even a kitchenette to reduce trips to the kitchen. At the very least, having a sink, fridge and warming plates will make it easier to serve guests and will keep the party all in one place.

Entertaining At Home

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9. Craft Room

We love to craft to relax after a long day, so turning a garage into a craft room sanctuary sounds amazing. Enjoy crafting in a little peace and quiet and don’t worry about how much space you’re using or how big a mess you’re making. It’s your designated space, so you no longer have to think about clearing out in time for dinner.

Craft Room


10. Playroom

The more space your kids have to play, the better! My making simple changes like adding bookshelves, cubbies or storage for toys and games; a large, cushioned rug or two, or set the scene for a budding garage band and let your kids’ imaginations run wild.

Girl Garage Band

11. Yoga Studio

You already have the smooth floor, so with a little wood or laminate flooring, you can have yourself a yoga studio. Add some large mirrors on the wall and maybe even a sunroof to make your Sun Salutations even brighter.

Woman Stretching On Mat


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