You may remember our article about the psychology of door colors. Now we’re tackling just what colors work best for your bedroom. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your getaway, where you go to recharge—you want to make sure the bedroom paint colors reflect that and set the right atmosphere.

We’ve found 10 colors that emote different moods and feelings so you can make your bedroom the perfect space for you.

Best Bedroom Paint Colors

1. Khaki Green

Peaceful and cool, a khaki green has all the sophisticated elements of a neutral with the calming effect of green. Linens look luxurious next to it and cream, gilt and silver make for eye-catching trims.

Khaki Green Wall

2. Blue-Gray-Green

The combination of these three colors create one paint that is sophisticated, tranquil and elegant. It goes well with white wood and metallics and is complimented by red and aqua trims.

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3. Taupe

Continuing with the neutral trend, taupe will also be relaxing because it doesn’t stimulate your senses. This makes it a great color for those with chaotic lives. Keep it even more relaxing by sticking strictly to neutrals with the rest of your color palette.

Pavement - Ceramic

4. Rose

Pink will always make a lady feel pretty, isn’t that enough reason to paint your room this shade? It’s soft color isn’t as blaring as a traditional pink, and instead radiates a happy tint.

Pastel - Pastel

5. Lavender

This elegant color appeals to both men and women. It is great for early risers because it looks best in the morning light, but stay away from peaches and florals to keep it from feeling too old fashioned.

Christmas Day - Photography

6. Burnt Red

If red is your favorite color, you shouldn’t feel like you have to avoid painting your bedroom red. Red can over-stimulate the senses, though, so use a more earthy, burnt red color. It’s more subtle and embraces the warmth of a bedroom rather than feeling aggressive.

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7. Pale Blue

If you have a lot of antique pieces, this is your color. It makes antiques look fresh again with its light and airy feel, plus, it goes with anything!

Hat - Wig

8. Silver-Green

Delicate, soft and dressy, a light silvery green classes up your bedroom. It’s very glamorous, so keep the rest of your room monochromatic with splashes of yellow or orange.

Color - Green

9. Mint

Mint is a great color for children’s rooms because it can grow with them. Add bright and colorful accents when they’re young to add whimsy, and switch to more sophisticated greens, yellows and turquoises as they grow older.

Green -

10. Deep Teal

Even if your bedroom is small, don’t be afraid of dark colors. Yes, they can make your room feel smaller, but if you like a cozy bedroom, it’s not a problem. Plus, this dark teal appeals to your senses in a deep, moody way.

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