There are many benefits as to why you should rent a goat for your lawn. Renting goats are more eco-friendly than machines because there is no pollution. Goats naturally fertilize as they go. They can also save you up to 50% compared to average landscaping labor costs.

Fainting goat - Alpine goat

Using goats also helps reduce the risk of forest fires because they clean up potential combustible materials in your yard better than a machine would. Goats are a great way to efficiently and effectively clean your yard. Learn more about where you can rent a herd of goats to clean up your land.

1. Rent A Ruminant

Goat - Pasture

Tammy Dunakin and her dog Pearl are local Seattle residents who use their team of goats to help with your yard clean up. Most of Dunakin’s goats are rescue goats that started out as a small group of ten in 2004, and quickly grew to a herd of over a hundred goats. They will bring goats to your location who are happy to eat up vegetation such as blackberries, ivy and other species that can become invasive. Give them a call to rent your goat team today., (206) 251-1051.

2. The Goat Lady

Goat - Feral goat

The Goat Lady can supply goats and sheep to come help with any of your landscaping needs. She will send 10 to 50 goats or sheep depending on the job you need done to come and clean up your yard. They can stay for as long as you need them to whether it be for one day or an entire month.

Specializing in residential and commercial brush removal, The Goat Lady will be able to fit any of your landscaping needs., (425) 445-0404.

3. Healing Hooves

Healing Hooves - Goat

Craig Madsen is the owner of Healing Hooves, one of the leading weed control and vegetation removal companies around. With a herd of about 250 goats, all of the goats will come to your job on most occasions to help aid in the removal of your brush and vegetation. Madsen acts as the shepherd on the land to help control the goats as well. He has 15 years of range and pasture management experience so when you give them a call, you can be sure you will get experienced service., (509) 990-7132.

4. West Side Goat Girl

Goat - Rent A Goat

West Side Goat Girl is a family owned and run company who operates both in Washington and in Oregon to remove vegetation from your yard. Their goats have been helping people maintain their yards since 2010 and they are always happy to help.

They takes pride in their love and care for their goats and other animals on their farm, so you can be sure their goats are happy and willing to help clear your yard., (360) 798-5878.

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