As Seattleites, we learn the words “reduce, re-use, recycle” at a very young age.  They aren’t just words to us. We can separate trash from recycling in our sleep, have been composting since before it was hip. Furthermore, we wouldn’t dream of watering our lawns in the summer unless it came from s cistern. Luckily, this “sustainable” mentality has also translated to how we build our homes. Whether you are looking for authentic mid-century cabinets, a custom dining room table or reclaimed wood flooring, the Seattle area is a mecca for salvaged building material stores.

As you embark on your next home improvement project in the area, here are six local stores that are well worth a visit:

Salvaged Building Material Stores in Seattle

Product - Iron Maiden
Radiators at Second Use in SoDo.

Second Use

Roy Hunter started Second Use twenty years ago. At that time, many construction sites just threw away their extra materials. This frustrated Roy. As a result, he started Second Use. Today, the store is a great place to find nearly anything. Second use has it all – from ducting fans, pedestal sinks to granite counter tops. In addition, they also catalog all of their inventory online so you can find what you want before you make the trek to SoDo. Habitat from Humanity receives many of the recovered materials or its own projects. 3223 6th Ave. S., (206) 763-6929.

Earthwise Architectural Salvage

With the motto, “Respect the past. Sustain the Future”, Earthwise Architectural Salvage is a veritable warehouse of salvaged goodies. In addition to practical items like toilets and radiators, this is the place to go for more specialized wants. They offer everything from gorgeous stained glass windows to quirky taxidermy bear heads.  3447 4th Ave S. Ste. E., (206) 624-4510

Ballard Reuse:

culls reusable fixtures and raw materials from construction projects. After some basic repair, they resell them to the public in an effort to keep them from landfill. You will find anything from old gym bleachers to a clawfoot bathtub. Not only do they provide inventory to the public, but they also source materials for local craftsman like James Taylor who creates and sell custom furniture made from the salvaged materials they collect. Plus, if you are looking to offload old building materials, donations from the general public are accepted. 1440 N.W. 52nd St., (206) 297-9119.

Floor - Wood flooring Handmade furniture by James Taylor at Ballard Reuse.

Urban Reclamations

Urban Reclamations is part art gallery and part furniture retailer. They sources local recyclables and then they take apart and rebuild these into everything from boardroom tables to garden benches. Urban Reclamations specializes in taking simple reused materials and then transforming them into heirloom quality items that can pass from generation to generation. 2225 1st Ave South, (206) 659-6477.

Salvaged Building Material Stores in Tacoma

Rhine Reclaimed

specializes in transforming unused timber from construction projects and derelict buildings into vintage-inspired wood flooring. They were recently commissioned to help build Seattle’s Bullitt Center,  Not limited to flooring, they also create beautiful wooden beams and ceiling panels. Furthermore, if you have a specific item you are seeking, the team will do their best to source custom requests. 1313 112th Street East (Tacoma),(253) 531-7223.

Salvaged Building Material Stores in Portland


: Rejuvenation is a key destination for reclaimed lighting fixtures, bathroom fixtures, and furniture. After first starting in Portland, they have expanded and are now a small Pacific Northwest chain. They have a large catalog dedicated to reclaimed items that can be found at their store or on their website. Rejuvenation is great for finding vintage furniture or unique looking light fixtures that can’t be found anywhere else. 2910 1st Ave S. (at Forest St.), (206) 382-1901.

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