Are you planning to sell your house this spring? If yes, we have some smart moves that can help you can boost home value of your house. Spring buyers are more likely to pay full price for your property with tax refund checks in the bank, so take advantage of the season’s hot marketplace.

Here are six easy ways for you to instantly boost your home value in preparation to sell.


1. Yard

Starting from elegant paver walkways to adding vibrant colors to your planters, you can take simple steps to instantly brighten up your front yard. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to spruce up your front yard and it adds curb appeal. Be sure to invest in an edger to keep things nive and clean. Although a book should never be judged by its cover, when selling your home, first impressions make all the difference. So, take the first step in making a great impression by tending to your front yard, and at the same time, it will help your house stand out in your neighborhood.


Front Yard


2. Insulation

Attic insulation helps make your home comfortable, and without proper insulation, 30% of warn air produce by your heating system can escape through windows. Insulating your attic is not only inexpensive, but is also relatively easy and does not consume too much time. In addition, re-caulking your window and doors can also help you save money and you’ll only have to sacrifice a weekend.


Building insulation - Mineral wool


3. Lighten Up

Although many people love a dark and cozy bedroom, nobody likes a dank and heavy living space, especially if you are looking to keep up your home’s value. You can install recessed lighting inexpensively in your kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms to brighten up your house. Also, install a dimmer switch to help control the mood and ambiance in your home.


Light - Recessed light


4. Pipes

Are your pipelines are old and rusty? Does your drinking water have enough metals to form a small periodic table? If yes, then its time to replace them with new plumbing lines. Plumbing work in your house has a huge impact on your overall house value and appraisers give a heavy consideration for houses with proper plumbing systems while assessing the value of the house.

The process is no longer like it was back in the days where it required walls to be torn up, making a huge mess and headache. Today, replacement of pipes are done with PEX plastic tubing that is reliable and is like an extension cord running through your walls. This makes less holes in your walls and a lot less tension for you.


Pipe - Plumbing


5. Popcorn Ceiling

These textured ceilings are no longer common practice in newer homes, but if you have an older home, you may have a case of popcorn ceilings. It’s best to have your popcorn ceiling removed because it outdates a home and lowers your home’s value. To replace popcorn ceilings, you need to take proper precautions, or hire a professional to take care of it for you. The good news is that the entire ceiling does not need to be replaced, just the texturing.


Popcorn ceiling - Ceiling

6. Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most high traffic areas in a home. If you’re going to choose one room to invest most in, it should be the kitchen. You don’t have to do an entire overhaul. Instead, small upgrades to appliances, or installing new tiles, countertops or refinishing cabinet doors can give your kitchen a valuable facelift.


Kitchen - Countertop


Have these tips inspired you to spruce up your home? Want to save time and have a professional help you? Use our instant estimate tool to get a price in seconds and find certified professional in your area. Get a price. Get a pro. Get it done.


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