Darkness works best for a low-lit man cave or a cool bedroom. Other dark rooms can look gloomy and unattractive. But they don’t have to stay that way. Decorators have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves to lighten up a room.


Dark Room


Here’s the scoop:


1. Paint the Ceiling: A dark ceiling makes a room feel closed in and small. Administer a fresh coat of white or a very light color, like mint green or pale yellow, and the space instantly dazzles.

2. Change the Floor: With dark floors you can either refinish them in a lighter color or stain, but if that’s not possible cover as much of the floor as you can with a lighter colored area rug.

3. Swap out the Window Treatment: Replace heavy draperies with cloth blinds or roman shades that let light in. An opaque treatment can also improve the feel of the room.

4. Install a Skylight: Not as expensive as you might imagine and the natural light filters in with just one fix. You can even opt for a skylight that opens and ventilates the room with fresh air.

5. Think about Adding a Window: This, of course, depends on the location of the room, but definitely brightens up a space.

6. Switch to a Glass Door: Either a door totally made of glass or a door with a window in it encourages whatever light there is to filter into the room.

7. Hang Mirrors: The reflection a mirror creates illuminates dark areas and makes the room feel light and spacious.

8. Mix the Lighting: Targeted accent lights, task lighting, uplights and downlights with clear covers increase the brightness and airiness of a room.

9. Go Sparse with Furniture: Dark, heavy furniture contributes to a dim atmosphere. Instead add pieces in light colors with sleek, crisp lines. You can also change the furniture by covering them with light-colored slip covers.

10. Mount Shelving: To create storage without adding furniture, install wall-mounted shelves in a light color. Or you can paint them white yourself.


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