Summer is a time for easy, relaxed days and nights. You’ll want to bring some of the light, airy feel of summer into your home. Enjoy the outdoors, warm weather and balmy evenings, too. Maximize your relaxation time by trying some of these easy do-it-yourself ideas and enjoy the sunny season.

10 Ways to DIY Your Summer

Backyard Campout

1. Go camping in your backyard with tents and cushions. Pitch your tent and set up some cushions for a chill out lounge in your backyard.

2. Make a simple but charming outdoor shower by snaking a hose through some tree branches and attaching a showerhead.

3. Kids (and the kid in all of us) can record their thoughts on an outdoor chalkboard. Note: Use flat latex paint as chalkboard paint is not recommended for outdoor use.

4. Make your own outdoor Twister game that’s perfect for kids, parties, reunions and picnics. Ideally, you’d use water-based spray paint as it’s more environmentally friendly.

Twister Game Outdoors

5. A letter planter centerpiece is fun for yourself, and is a fresh take on a centerpiece or a great hostess gift for a house party.

6. A string of lights with cupcake liners as lampshades turns on the whimsy, and can be changed for any occasion by simply changing up the color and design of the liners. They should be removed if they are left on outdoor lights, as the rain will ruin them.

7. Revive an old wooden chair (and your seating area) by painting it a metallic or bright color, or add a punch seat cushion and throw pillows.

8. Neon bright colors are back—straight from the ‘80s—so get in on this trend by using nail polish to paint neon stripes on clear glass pillar candleholders.

Spray Paint Chair

9. Add a touch of whimsy to drawer pulls by crocheting or knitting covers for them. Pick the colors you want to contrast with the dresser, or coordinate with the colors of the room.

10. Bring in the summer light and airy colors to your decor. Removable slipcovers and decorative throws can provide bursts of color and brightness. Does your design color palette lean more toward white or neutral? White and khaki slipcovers are casual, but you can dress them up easily with throw pillows that have a more formal feel.

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