It’s hard to keep up with an energetic little boy. Keeping up his changing interests can also be a challenge. First, it’s astronauts, then, dinosaurs, which quickly leads to Dino-astronauts!!! And if that wasn’t hard enough, he wants his room to reflect his interests as quickly as they change. Lucky for you, by building off your son’s current room, you can keep it updated to his tastes so that he’ll brag to all his friends about it.

1. Use Paint as a Base

You can continually paint his walls according to his latest favorite color scheme, but luckily it’s the theme that will probably change more often than his favorite colors. Use muted, vintage colors instead of traditional neutrals to create a base palette for his ever-changing favorites since they’ll go with most anything. Consider painting one wall or a portion of a wall with chalkboard paint so he can draw on it and add his own personal touch. Added bonus: chalk is easy to clean.

Chalkboard Wall

2. Repurpose Furniture

Whether it’s with a new coat of paint, new knobs or a completely new function, a little DIY will go a long way. Use this example: a old cubby from a play room can become a fun window seat with storage for toys by adding a cushion on top.

DIY Window Seatl

3. Toy Decor

Take toys he’s lost interest in or broken and use them as decorations. Line up old trucks on a shelf for an industrial theme, or turn the room into an undersea adventures with ocean animals. Keep the rest of his toys in colored bins that match his room.

Sorting Legos

4. Replay with Old Sports Equipment

Will your son not let go of his beloved, broken ball? Sports equipment makes for eye-catching decor that will last him until college. Branch out beyond just hanging up hockey sticks and personalize them with his teams favorite colors, or DIY a basketball into a hanging LED lamp.

DIY Sports Furniture

5. Quick and Easy Bedding

Looking to change the theme from Star Wars to Trains like, yesterday? Many stores carry affordable, themed beds-in-a-bag. Since you’ve used neutral, vintage colors for his scheme, you can whip out the bedding and accent with wall lettering from craft stores.

Astronaut Boys Room


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