Your daughter might change what she’s interested in almost as often as she will change her clothes. One year, cowgirls and horses are her favorite. Then, it’s astronauts and robots. Next, it could be ballerina kitty cats. Whatever her interests may fall, she’ll want her room to reflect her ever-changing self as she grows from a toddler into teenhood.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to cost an enormous amount of money to update your child’s room as her interests evolve. Here are five easy ways to give your daughter’s room an update to keep it as interesting as she is.

1. Update the Paint

We promise this will be the most labor-intensive update, but it’s fun as well! If your daughter is tired of the color on the walls, take her to pick out a new one, or a few. Paint can be inexpensive, and if she changes her mind a lot, you don’t have to splurge on the higher end brands. Have fun with it and get your child involved. Have her help paint the walls all in a new color, or mix and match the colors of the walls. If her room has a chair rail, you can really shake things it up by painting the top and bottom different colors.

Painting Girl's Room

2. Give Furniture a Facelift

Makeover furniture with a new coat of paint, or stencil it, to make it seem like a new piece. Or, if she has a specific theme, you can quickly and easily replace knobs with ornate glass ones, fun shaped knobs or even DIY knobs from small, old toys.

Paint Furniture

3. Update the Bedding

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to give your girl’s room a boost. Just slip on the new duvet or comforter that reflects her new style along with matching sheets and pillows. You’re good to go!

Purple and Pink Girl's Room

4. Update the Decor

From floor rugs, to wall art to display shelving, sometimes these subtle changes are all a room needs for a new look. You can make new splatter art or paintings together to hang in her room, or help her with a photo collage or to repurpose her old lampshade and turn it into a craft project. Craft stores like Michaels and outlet stores like Ross will have fun and affordable letters, frames and string lights she can use to personalize her room.

Child Room Shelving

5. Create a Canopy

Canopy beds are luxurious, royal and create a coziness you’d have to be crazy not to love. But, their price tags aren’t typically as loveable. DIY your own canopy with some creative draping on the wall above her bed. If she wants the 4-corner look, you can tack it to the ceiling above for a faux-four-poster bed. Add string lights to the the canopy for added ambiance.

Canopy Girl's Room


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