Pet hair. Gets. Everywhere. There’s no rhyme or reason how it ended up in the fridge, or even inside the package the mailman just delivered. Any pet owner knows to just accept it as a fact of life, but we don’t have to lay down and take it: we can fight back.


Family Golden Retriever


We wouldn’t trade our pets for anything, and their adoring attention and companionship is worth the furballs. But, there are actions you can take to reduce the fuzz and easy ways to clean it up.


1. It starts with your pet: We can’t snap our fingers and stop the shedding, but brushing your pet twice a week will help to preemptively remove the loose fur that accumulates in every crevice of your home. You can even stick a stocking or sock on the end of your vacuum and try to gently vacuum them. No promises your pet will tolerate it, but it’s worth a shot.

2. Manage their favorite spots: They all have their favorite spots: under the bed, beside the window, under a table… Place a towel or sheet where they rest most often so you can shake it off outside and wash it periodically. This should help contain the hair a bit.

3. De-fur your clothes: We’re all best friends with the lint roller. Or wrapping our hands with tape. But if you aren’t currently using a dryer sheet when you dry your clothes you’re missing out. The sheet removes the charge from the fur so it ends up in your lint trap and not on your clothes.


Grooming Cat


Clean Your Home

1. Carpet: Try to vacuum two or more times each week using full suction on your vacuum. And if you have a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air filter) vacuum, even better. Go over each area twice in different directions. If the fur gets especially deep in your carpets, lightly run a pumice stone over the surface before vacuuming to release the fur.

2. Hard floors: Hard floors are easy. Don’t vacuum because the air will just blow the fur around, instead, use an electrostatic mop.

3. Corners: Corners are hard to reach with a vacuum or mop. Try using a velcro hair roller which can bend into the corners or gathering it up with a latex glove which will cause the fur to stick to your hand.

4. Upholstery: Using a lightly damp washcloth or dry sponge, run over your upholstered furniture in circular motions. This will release the fur (you’ll want to vacuum around the furniture after). A lint brush or the upholstery tool on your vacuum will also work. Another great trick which works wherever you need to remove fur is rubber. Lightly wet a rubber glove, shoe, whatever you have, and run it along the fur-infested spot. It will gather it right up. When the glove gets coated, just run it with more water to clear off the fur and keep going until you’ve gotten it all.

5. Wood furniture: Use a soft cloth with furniture polish or an anti-static dusting spray. You want to release the fur from your furniture and into the cloth.

6. Bedding and comforters: Yes, keeping your pet out of your bed is an option, but may not be one you want to take. If you sleep with your pet, you’ll want to read all of the above tips. Start by shaking out your comforter outside and use any of the above tips (except #5) to remove the remaining fur.


Floor Dust Mop


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