No matter how big your kitchen is, it always seems like there is never enough room! You need space for prep, for storage, and for your countertop appliances. When it comes down to it, it’s all about organization. When you’re remodeling your kitchen, there are a lot of customizations you can add to your drawers to make them more functional and help keep you organized. If you’re always shuffling things around to try to make more room, read on to learn more about the different types of customizations that can make your drawers more useful and help simplify your life.

Functional Drawers 

Though these useful tools make look like simple drawers from the outside, they actually serve a greater purpose. Learn about some of the most innovative uses for drawer space to help keep your kitchen more organized. 

Warming Drawer

In today’s busy world, it’s tough to get everyone to sit down for a family dinner. If you have family members coming home late and need to keep dinner warm for them, a warming drawer is a great addition to your kitchen. Microwaves can heat things unevenly or can change the texture of some of your favorite foods. On the other hand, a warming drawer is designed to keep your food at a warm temperature for a few hours without drying it out or burning it. It’s warm enough to prevent bacteria from growing on the food, but it won’t overcook your food. Warming drawers are available in models where you can control the temperature and humidity of the drawer, keeping meals or other courses at the perfect temperature until you’re ready to eat them. 

Slide-Out Prep Station

In the average kitchen, counter space is at a premium. If you find that a lot of space is taken up by appliances and other items, you may not have a lot of room for prep. To fix this issue, you can build a butcher board into a drawer to create an extra prep area the slides away when you’re done with it. Make it even easier by adding a hole in the middle that empties directly into a trash can below.

Charging Drawer

Keep your counter space free of clutter, electronics, and wires by installing a charging drawer. These drawers keep all your wires hidden and have outlets for charging your devices all in one place.

Pull-Out Drawer for Pots and Pans

That precarious stack of pots and pans is just waiting to fall, and if you need that pan on the bottom, you’ll have to rearrange the whole stack. But there’s a solution to this headache! Try a pull-out organizer for pots and pans, where you can hang all your cookware on hooks for easy access. 

Trash Bin Drawers

Keep your kitchen looking clean and neat by tucking your trash bin into a cabinet drawer. When you need to take out the trash, put in a new bag, or throw something away, you can simply pull out the trash can without having to fumble around inside of a cabinet. Then when you’re done, you can slide it back out of sight, so that you won’t have smelly, unsightly trash sitting out in the middle of your kitchen. Some of these drawers even include a built-in paper towel rod above it, making cleanup even easier.

Pull-Out Pantry

Kitchen Drawers - Kitchen cabinet

Pantries are great food storage options – they make good use of the full height of your kitchen and provide tons of storage for your canned and dry goods. But sometimes it can be a hassle to get to all of those items in the back of the pantry. That’s where a pull-out pantry comes in handy. Pull-out drawers make it easy to access items that would be otherwise hard to reach, so you don’t have to constantly rearrange things. 

Tray Organizers 

A deep drawer with separators is a perfect solution for storing trays, cooking sheets, casserole dishes, muffin pans and other flat objects that are a pain to store in other spaces. This drawer keeps everything vertical so you can simply pull out the object you need.

Useful Drawer Inserts 

Some of these quick fixes can be easily installed into existing drawers to make them even more functional:

Pegged Dish Organizer 

Getting heavy stacks of dishes down from higher shelves and cabinets can be treacherous. Reduce the risk of things falling from above and breaking by adding a pegged dish organizer to make all your plates and bowls easy to access. The pegs in these drawers are adjustable so that you can easily store any sized dishware.

Utensil Drawer 

There are a lot of different ways to organize your utensils and cooking tools in a drawer. Some innovative drawer inserts will store long utensils diagonally to optimize the use of your drawer space. 

Produce Drawers 

A lot of your produce, like potatoes, onions, and bananas, just hangs out on your countertop, taking up valuable space. Deep drawers with containers for products are a great option for items, especially those that store best in cool, dry, dark places.

Spice Drawer 

Any great chef knows that herbs and spices are essential for cooking a tasty meal. But keeping your dozens of dried herbs and spices organized can be a tricky task. A drawer insert can do this job well. These inserts can be separated into tiers that your spice jars rest on, so when you pull out the drawer, you can easily see the label of the jar you need.

Food Storage Container Drawer 

Having a lot of Tupperware and food storage containers makes it easy to store away leftovers, but these containers are notorious for taking up a ton of space and getting easily disorganized. A dedicated space for your containers can make it easy to keep them out of sight and organized for when you need them. 


Helping you organize your kitchen storage is our specialty. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, contact us for more great tips and tricks. is happy to answer all of your questions.   

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