If you’re replacing your kitchen sink, it’s important to choose something that’s both beautiful and functional. Think about how you’ll be using your sink and look for construction material and style that fit with your lifestyle and the decor of your kitchen. Take a look at the available materials and styles listed below to help you decide which are right for you. 

Kitchen Sink Materials

Each different material has pros and cons. When choosing a material, consider your budget, how durable you want your sink to be, and how much maintenance you’re willing to put in. These materials are some of the most popular available to consumers:

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is by far the most common material used to manufacture a kitchen sink. This is because they’re relatively cheap, easy to keep clean, and resistant to both heat and stains (but watch out for water spots and scratches!). Stainless steel sinks look sleek and modern and pair well with granite, wood, or stone countertops. They can fit in with a variety of different kitchen styles and are extremely durable for all types of use. The higher the grade of stainless steel, the better it will stand up to abuse, so choose a higher grade if you use your sink heavily. 

Cast Iron

A cast iron sink will give your kitchen a classic and timeless look. Constructed from cast iron with an enamel finish, this type of sink is available in a variety of colors and easy to clean. Avoid using abrasive sponges or scrubbers to clean them, though, as they can get scratched or chipped. If this happens, they can be refinished pretty easily by a professional or with a DIY kit. The drawback of cast iron sinks is that they’re extremely heavy, which makes them more difficult and expensive to install. Reinforced countertops and cabinets are needed to hold up the weight of a cast-iron sink, which may be an added cost for you.


Fireclay is a type of enamel that’s made from ceramic clay that’s been molded, mixed with glaze and heated to a very high temperature to increase its strength. These sinks look like traditional cast iron sinks but tend to be a little more resistant to scratching and chipping, which makes them an ideal option for those who want the look of cast iron. Fireclay sinks are made by hand, which is why they tend to be a more expensive sink material choice. 


If you like the look of a stone sink but you don’t have room in your budget for one, a composite sink is the next best thing. It’s made of granite or quartz dust mixed with resin, which makes it more durable than solid granite, and it won’t crack as easily. Composite sinks come in a variety of colors and styles, and they are easier to maintain than a real stone sink with a similar aesthetic. 

Kitchen Sink Styles 

There are a variety of styles of sinks that each offer a different look and feel. Some styles blend better with certain types of kitchen decor, so think about how your sink will contribute to the overall character of your kitchen. Here are a few of the most popular styles available on the market:

Single Bowl

As the name suggests, this type of kitchen sink has a single basin. They come in a variety of sizes, which makes them a great choice when space is limited. If you tend to use your sink to clean larger items like pots and trays, a single basin means you don’t have to struggle with a divider between two sections. Single bowl sinks tend to be cheaper than their double bowl counterparts. 

Double Bowl

If you use your sink for multi-tasking, a double bowl sink is perfect for your needs. Double bowl sinks come in a variety of configurations. The two bowls can be the same size, or one can be smaller. Think about what you’ll be using your sink for, and how deep and wide you’ll need the basins to be. 


Autry Plumbing LLC - Kitchen sink
A farmhouse kitchen sink.

Farmhouse sinks are instantly recognizable. The front portion of a farmhouse sink replaces part of your counter, adding a decorative flair. This style is traditionally used in country kitchens, but it’s becoming more popular as a modern option. These sinks come in single or double bowl, though a single bowl tends to be more popular. Further, these can be made from any material. They tend to be more difficult to install than other types of sinks, which makes them a more expensive option. 


Under-mounted sinks are mounted beneath your countertop, creating a smooth, seamless flow between your counter and sink. These have a more modern look but are more expensive than top-mounted sinks because of their more difficult installation process. A stainless steel kitchen sink work best as an under-mounted sink because they’re lighter. Thus, they won’t require extra structural support to keep them from breaking away from the glue that they’re mounted with. 


A top-mounted sink is installed directly into a hole in the counter with a rim or lip around the outside. Top-mounted sinks are extremely easy to install, but dirt and grime can gather in the seal. 


If you need a heavy-duty sink with a lot of room to move around, a commercial sink may be right for you. These are the types of sinks that are installed in professional kitchens and are oversized, free-standing and very durable. Because they’re free-standing, it’s important to consider the layout of your kitchen and if you have space for a commercial kitchen sink. But if you cook a lot or tend to need space to clean big pots and pans, a commercial sink is worth space it occupies. 

Find the Right Kitchen Sink for You

While most people don’t realize how many options they have, the experts at Pro.com are knowledgable. We are here to answer your questions! Contact us for more information about all of your kitchen remodeling needs. 

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