Installing a swimming pool in your backyard creates your own private paradise, and is even more enjoyable during the summer. Whether you go with an above ground or in ground pool, or sprucing up your existing one, here are seven tips to keep in mind during the installation.

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1. Check for Restrictions

Pools are no different than any other home construction project and are equally as regulated. Check with your city for any zoning restrictions and safety regulations to comply to.

2. Consider Your Options

The first step is to decide which type of pool to install and what works for your yard. Above ground and in ground pools differ dramatically in pricing and can also depend on the slope and composition of your soil. Steeply sloped or rocky yards can interfere with a pool’s installation and will cost more to overcome.

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3. Insurance

Talk to your insurance agent! Pools are covered under home insurance in most plans, but your rates might go up.

4. Plant Choice

When your pool is installed and you begin landscaping, take the amount of light the area receives into consideration. The amount of sun and shade will affect plant growth, so plant accordingly.

5. Safety First

Landscaping is fun, but even more important is safety. Surround your pool with a slip-resistant surface such as brick, concrete, pavers or decking. Choose a rough finish for added traction and add nonstick mats at areas of entry and exit. If you have children, or if your city requires it, you may want to add a fence when installing a swimming pool.

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6. Transitions

A transition barrier between your pool and lawn isn’t just for looks, it serves an important purpose. The chemicals from your pool probably aren’t plant friendly, so protect your lawn from spill-over water and keep grass clippings out of your pool by creating a stone and mulch barrier area between them.

7. Beware of Flowers

A very minor thing, but actually very helpful, is to keep flowering plants away from your pool. They attract bees and other insects that can fly into it. It’s better to stick to topiaries.

8. Home Value

Consider what the impact will be to the value of your home. In some areas of the country, pools are more common than others. Be aware that in some cases, installing a swimming pool will add value to your home and in others they will detract.

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