According to the Entertainment Software Association, 59% of Americans play video games. On average, two gamers live in each game-playing household. These players don’t fit any one stereotype. They might be your grandfather, your dentist or even your mother. But when they have a room solely devoted to the gaming experience, they will think they have crossed over into paradise.


Family Video Game Room


Here’s what you need to keep in mind when designing a tricked-out video game room.

1. Pick a Place: A den, unused bedroom, big walk-in closet or basement all make appropriate gaming spaces. Choose a location far away from the active parts of the house like the kitchen and living room so you can play without disturbing anyone.

2. Plan Your Layout: Arrange the room on paper, using cutouts of the TV, chairs, a storage system and small refrigerator, until you have the best solution. Allow plenty of room for moving around. No clutter allowed.

3. Furnish the Room: Adrenaline junkies want the biggest plasma TV they can fit into the space, a 42—80 inch screen. Ergonomically designed chairs with wiring for sound like the Sound Egg Chairs  provide an out-of-this-world experience. A mini fridge eliminates trips to the kitchen when you don’t want to stop the game, and an arcade table holds drinks and snacks.

Gaming Chair

4. Organizing Solutions: A cable box tames stray wires all into one place. You also need a charging station and protection against power surges. Store games on shelves along the walls. To impress all your friends, stow them by gaming system – separate places for XBox, Nintendo and Playstation. Hang the controllers for easy retrieval.

5. Add Good Lighting: This can be tricky. You want it bright enough to see what you’re doing, but not so bright as to affect the video game’s own lighting. Some suggestions include track lighting, recessed lights or rope lighting. If you can get lighting with dimmers that also helps.

6. Include a Scoreboard: Whether this is a chalkboard or a fancy digital variety, you need a record for bragging rights of your latest caper.

7. Infuse Personality Into the Space: Hang posters, install black lights, suspend a disco ball or buy a game-inspired area rug. Whatever illustrates your favorite pastime needs a place in your playful room.


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