Basements don’t have to be the “lost” room in your home, nor does it need to be the catchall space cluttered with junk. Most basements are big enough to house a ton of potential, so head “down under” and expand your living and working space.

1. Home Office

Use a corner of your basement for a designated work area – that way, you will have papers and projects all in one place. Plus, you can keep an eye on the game or the kiddos while they play in another area of the room. If you can screen off the area, or even put up a wall to partition it from the rest of the basement, you’ll have privacy when you want or need it.

Basement Home Office

2. Guest Bedroom

It’s easy to say “stay over!” when you’ve got an extra bed and the space. You can use a sofabed, convertible couch or futon for flexibility for seating and sleeping. A bookcase or shelves can hold beloved keepsakes while providing storage for your guests’ belongings.

Basement Guest Bedroom

3. Game Room

You can put all the consoles, wires and handsets in one place, and out of your living room! Mount a TV large enough to capture all the action come baseball or football season. Complete the theme with a pool table if you’ve got some sharks in the family. If cards are your thing, a poker table that can double for dining rounds out the theme.

Basement Pool Table

4. Bar/Tasting Room

Whether you collect wines from around the world or have decided to craft your own home brew, you can create a special atmosphere to sample your latest finds. Set up a custom bar complete with a wet bar, wine cooler and even taps, or keep it simple, and create a special place to sit down and savor a sip.

Basement Bar

5. Craft Room

Make a creative haven for your favorite projects like scrapbooking, sewing, painting or crafting, and you can keep all your supplies neatly organized, with room to work. Bonus: you’ll likely complete your projects faster since you can have everything you need at your fingertips.

Craft Room

6. Home Gym

Why pay for a gym membership when you can just walk downstairs? You can outfit your gym with a few simple pieces of equipment, and may even be able to find them at yard sales or online locally. Think about a treadmill, a few weights, and a yoga or exercise mat. You can even put in a TV or take your tablet with you to follow a workout video. Chances are, if you don’t have to make the trip to the gym, you might work out more often!

Basement Home Gym

7. Playroom

When it’s too cold, hot or wet for the kids to go out to play, they can have the run of a playroom, and you can have peace of mind that they haven’t wandered off. Make it special by decorating a corner or a wall with a favorite color or theme. Keep toys and games organized in baskets and bins at kid level for easy access and clean up.

Play Room

8. Family Room

Maybe you prefer to have a more formal living room, or you don’t have as much space as you’d like in your living room for all the functionality you want. Your basement has the potential to become a warm, welcoming family room with room for everyone to watch TV or movies, curl up with a good book or work on a homework project. Your family will have room to spread out and do their thing.

Basement Theater Room

9. Apartment

If your town allows for it and your area is properly zoned, you could create a basement apartment for extended family or rent it out for extra income. It’s an added bonus if you can offer a private entrance for your tenant.

Basement Apartment

10. Music Room

If you’ve got a budding rock star in the family, you can keep peace with your neighbors by having a practice room downstairs. Keep the peace with the rest of your family by installing some soundproofing in the ceiling and walls to help muffle the sound and let your musician wail on the drums or blow their horn as loud as they like.

Basement Music Room


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