When it comes to decorating with mirrors, there’s really no wrong way to do it. They make great additions to your decor, adds light and opens up a room. But, there is so much more you can do with mirrors than just hang them on the wall. Here are ten unique ways to use mirrors in your home.

1. Hang Outside

You read that right. Hang a large mirror outside on your deck or patio, especially if it features a canopy roof. Doing so makes your outdoor space feel like an actual room, and the reflection acts as a beautiful picture of your yard.

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2. Galleria Style

Think of salon style art galleries and how they group a large number of pieces together. Now remove the art, keep the frames and add mirrors. It keeps the fun collective feel of a salon but replaces the busy art with reflections and light.

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3. Frame Your Frames

Another way to add art-appeal with a touch of grand modernism is to place your framed mirror within another empty frame. Go with oversized mirrors for an especially avant-garde look.

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4. On Kitchen Cabinets

Do you know about using a large mirror to make a small room seem bigger? The same applies to small kitchens. But instead of taking up valuable space, install mirrors on cabinet doors. They achieve the same effect in a unique way.

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5. Decorate With Full Length Table Mirrors

Make use of an inexpensive, full length mirror on your dining room table. Lay it down the center and place vases, flowers or any centerpiece of your choosing on top. It adds a touch of modernity to an otherwise everyday centerpiece.

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6. Expand a Room Further

Take that trick to make a room look larger and supercharge it. Use a mirror with a decorative frame that goes at least 3/4 of the way up your wall. This puts a modern spin on an old trick and gives you an excuse to do away with your plain, full length mirror.

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7. Mirrored Candles

Give the illusion of having more candles than you do by placing a mirror behind candlesticks or pillar candles. You can also imitate a warm, winter fire by placing them in your fireplace during summer.

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8. Seeing Double

Hang two coordinating mirrors of traditional or unique shapes in a hallway or room. Having double will reflect more light and make the space look bigger.

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9. Decorate a Mantle

Brighten up the fireplace with hanging mirrors, or perch decorative or framed mirrors directly on the mantle.

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10. Pair Art with Mirrors

Leaning art against a wall is a casual, modern way to display it. Placing a mirror behind it upgrades that look. It creates a clean background to frame your art while also containing it to a smaller space like a mini gallery. Also, place mirror behind other decorative elements, such as a vase. Wall decal - Hall

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