House plants are making a resurgence. They’re no longer the waxy, plastic fake office plants many are accustomed to or the spidery ferns that took over your grandmother’s living room. Today they’re a chic way to bring a natural feel to your home and if done in one of these 13 creative ways can add an artsy vibe.

13 Creative Ways to Use Plants Indoors

1. Creative Crockery

Skip the plain terra cotta pots that plants come in and transfer your foliage into unique ceramic urns or vases. Go oversized and fill in space will moss, or choose an interesting shape so it doesn’t look like just another potted plant.

Bright Ceramic Pots

2. Succulent Sculpture Garden

Succulents and cacti are such interesting, geometric plants. And they don’t get enough credit. Create your own little garden indoors with an assortment of textures and colors known to these plants. They’re low maintenance, too, so you can place them anywhere.

Indoor Succulents

3. Tiny Topiaries

Topiaries are classic, elegant and a little too big to have indoors. Luckily, they come in miniature sizes and stand fabulously on a galvanized tray in any room. If you like the clean look of topiaries but find them a little stiff, let the plant grow a little wild for an organic but still polished feel.

Indoor Topiary

4. Twist and Twirl

Another way to bring topiaries indoors is to create your own, easily maintained ones from ivy. Either create or purchase a wire form and twist English ivy around it. You’ll have an indoor English garden within the hour.

tea With Ivy

5. Indoor Vertical Garden

Turn a succulent or low-growing indoor garden on its head and place it on your wall. Vertical gardens are extremely trendy and their variety of colors make the gardens seem like a 3D piece of art. They only need to be misted with water once a week so you won’t have to worry about drips or damage to your wall.

Plants on Wall

6. Oversized Plants

Bigger is sometimes better. If you want to add some greenery to a room but don’t want to care for multiple plants, choose a large potted tree like a fiddle-leaf fig or palm. Let it grow out into the room for a low-maintenance, indoor jungle feel. Tip: place your plant on wheels so you can easily move it into our out of the sun as well as out of the way when you clean.

Indoor Plants on Wheels

7. Terrariums

Like a bonsai tree, these little terrariums are like a full garden in a more manageable size. The combinations of plants, colors, containers and sizes are endless, so grab one or grab a few for a terrarium collage. They only need a weekly misting, so they’re perfect for a low-maintenance home or for children to care for.


8. Camouflage Your Home

Do you have unsightly plumbing, wires or a bland space that you don’t know what to do with? Indoor plants can be strategically placed not only to add visual interest but also to affordably hide eyesores. Go for plants with thick coverage like a fern or sansevieria laurentii.


9. A Work of Art

With wooly pocket planters and a picture frame you can turn just about any plant into a piece of art. You can also replace a photo collage or accent an existing one with wall planters for unique and natural wall art.

Plant and Frames

10. Driftwood Planters

For moss and air plants, skip the pots and opt for a driftwood planter. It makes a beautifully natural container for your plants and is a piece of organic decor on it’s own.

Plumeria Driftwood

11. Stand Tall

Turn potted plants into art by placing them in clusters on different levels using stands, benches and shelves. It adds more whimsy and visual interest than keeping them on one level.

Cluster of Plants

12. Pocket Plants

If you have a vintage apothecary or card catalog, make them feel as though they’ve been there forever by placing plants in a few of the drawers. It’s a unique way to display plants that accentuates your piece’s vintage charm.

Vintage Drawer With Flowers

13. Faux-Antlers

These staghorn ferns will make guests do a double take. Displayed on a wall, they look just like traditional antlers with a fun, green twist and can be used in many more designs.

Staghorn Fern



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