Replacing a purchase that turned out to be a fashion faux pas is much easier and less expensive than undoing a décor trend in your home. Following what’s in vogue for the interior and exterior of your home may not always be the best choice. You could be stuck with it for years. Tread lightly and think ahead when considering new crazes to include in your refurbishing. Here are our recommendations on 10 design trends to avoid.

We collected ten overrated design trends for you. Eight of them came from the experts at Realty Times. The Zakhar Team of real estate brokers in Mission Viejo, California, contributed the last two via their website.

1. Marble Counters

Although beautiful when new, marble requires extra maintenance to keep stains and scratches at bay.

Kitchen - Interior Design Services

2. Stainless Steel Apron Front Sinks

This material is easily smudged and scratched plus requires extra cleaning besides just wiping the sink down after using it. Once a week you need to apply stainless steel cleaner or polish.

Kitchen - Bathroom

3. Wallpaper Overload

You may tire easily of a bold pattern or trendy color of paper on the walls. Unless you know you’ll love the look for years, think twice because removing it won’t be easy.

Kitchen - Wallpaper

4. Dark Wood Floors

Just like black suits and skirts, this shade of flooring picks up all the dirt, dog hair and lint. Additionally, we recommend avoiding this design trend because its hard to go back once you’ve stained everything.

Flooring - Wood flooring

5. White Upholstered Furniture

Only the very rich, with live-in housekeepers should attempt this fad. Everyday people with children, dogs and even adults can spot or stain it without even trying.

Window - House

6. Pergolas

Cover your patio with a full-on roof instead if you’re looking for shelter from rain or intense sun. The narrow slats on a pergola let the outside elements in.

Design - Living room

7. Rain Showerhead

A good one costs in the thousands of dollars, not including installation. It’s also difficult to rinse the shampoo out of your hair without the traditional stream force a regular showerhead provides.

Shower - Water heating

8. Eliminating the Tub

You’ll have no place to soak and drink wine by candlelight when you need to destress. Consider this step carefully, because removing the tub affects the saleability of your home.

Bathroom - Floor

9. Mirrored Furnishings

Reflective surfaces all around your home can be annoying and a chore to keep clean and spotless.

Interior Design Services - Design

10. Brass Hardware

Swapping out your fixtures makes an affordable way to update a room, but brass changes color as it ages. And not evenly, either. Think about satin or brushed nickel instead if you want a change.

Tap - Water

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