Sometimes when you’ve moved or redecorated your home, the last room to decorate is your bedroom. Maybe because you’re not inviting “company” to see that room, or you’re just not sure what to tackle first. The bed is the biggest piece of furniture in your room, and with a little ingenuity you can create a distinctive headboard that can dress up the room right away and chances are, all you’ll need are a few accessories to finish it off.


Yellow DIY Headboard


Check out the following ideas for more inspiration.

1. Paint

You an easily delineate the head of the bed with a pop of color in paint form.

2. Bookcase/Shelving

You can gain extra storage for best loved reads and mementos by using shelves and cubbies as a headboard. Or get inspired at the thrift shop or what you may find curbside and turn old drawers into a mix and match wall of cubbies. This headboard is a bit of a tip of the hat to artist Donald Judd, with hidden bookcases on the sides.

3. Wallpaper

Cut out graphic lines along a wallpaper’s design and add 4 inches more than the width of your mattress to allow for your duvet and extra bedding. Bonus: it’s easily changeable for seasons or to redecorate.

4. Curtains

You can be dramatic and hang a curtain or two high for a dramatic canopy, or hang a rod and drapes at the same level as other windows to create the illusion of an additional window. This idea also works well for a room that doesn’t have windows.

5. Photography

Install a railing above the bed and hang framed photos from it with ribbon. You can choose frames and ribbon to match other design elements in the room, and it’s easily changeable if you redecorate.

6. Fabric

You can make this classic take on a headboard in an afternoon. Layout batting and fabric on a piece of plywood cut to the size headboard you want, or go even more budget friendly and use cardboard instead of plywood. Then, use a staple gun to attach fabric to back of the board. If you want a “tufted” appearance, staple in intervals on the front to create the “tufts.” Hot glue buttons to cover the staples.

7. Shutters

Shutters can be thrifted or sometimes even found on the curb. Embrace their shabby-chic look and use them as a headboard.

8. Canvas the Area

You may have a favorite painting you can hang over your bed – it could be fine art, or a child’s artwork. Or hang a reminder of a favorite place. You can even use part of the New York City skyline.

9. Crowning Touch

Crown moulding is extremely versatile. It can stand in for a shelf, but you can combine the classic look of it and the idea of an upholstered headboard by hanging a chaise cushion from it.

10. Play With Pallets

Repurposed wooden pallets are really like a blank canvas: you can customize them to suit your taste. Some will keep the bottom part to raise the headboard away from the wall. This way, you can use brackets or even Command strips to anchor the piece if you don’t want to put nails in the wall. You can paint or stain them to your liking, or add a favorite phrase. Go dramatic and put them floor to ceiling.

11. Picket Fence

Not just for the yard—you can bring the feel of the outdoors and a bit of Americana indoors with a length of picket fence cut just the size of your bed. Check out salvage shops or even dumps, but you could also paint a new piece of fencing and then distress it a bit with sandpaper.

12. Old Doors and Windows

Repurposing doors and window frames, antique or new, opens up a world of possiblities. Embrace the patina and history of old doors salvaged from a demo site, or sand it down completely. Consider adding some crown moulding atop of it for a finished look and the feel of a mantel. You can mount a series of vintage window panes to fit the size of your bed for a open, vintage look.

13. Dream Lights

Add some ambient light to your bedroom and set a calming yet romantic mood with a headboard using semi-transparent cubes and some LEDs or strings of holiday lights.


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