Instead of shedding tears because your teen left home to strike out on his own, 1 Digging into a fresh design project leaves little time for sadness and worry. You’ll have so many ideas whirling around in your head about what to do with this newfound space, it might be hard to choose one. Not to worry.


Craft Room


We’ve gathered some suggestions for you:

1. A Guest Suite: Do you frequently have overnight visitors? If so, pamper them with luxurious sleeping quarters. You can furnish it with a king-size bed, a sitting area and even a big-screen TV, but then you run the risk of these folks never leaving.

2. His or Hers Bedroom: Also known as snore rooms, this space allows spouses to separate when they need quality sleep. You can also escape here when you want to read or talk on the phone. Think cool, calming colors and a spa-type ambiance.

3. A Game Area: Set up a poker room or place to play Bunco, cards or board games. You’ll need a table, comfy chairs, cabinets for storage and wood floors.

4. Hobby Space: Whether you quilt, build models, do calligraphy, paint, scrapbook or work on jigsaw puzzles, imagine how luxurious it would be to have all your hobby supplies on one dedicated room.

5. Home Office: Get the computer out of the kitchen or family room and convert that empty space into the office you’ve always wanted. Add a desk, bookcases and cabinetry for storing supplies and necessary papers. Change the window treatments to reflect your style.

6. Extra Storage: Homes these days often have very little closet space so think about lining one entire wall with a cedar closet. Install built-in shelves to organize seasonal belongings and other items not in regular use.

7. A Place to Wrap: When it comes to the holidays, are you forced to wrap gifts on the living room floor? Does your paper tear and crinkle because you have no place large enough to store it? Visualize a space with pegboards for various supplies like scissors, bow makers and tape; large standing rolls of high-quality wrapping paper with their own cutters clustered on a table and places to store bags and ready-made bows.

8. Random Ideas: An arcade, wine room, Airbnb rental, gym, yoga studio, home library or home theater.


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