If you’re looking for a distinctive way to decorate your walls, there are options beyond a single wall color or your grandma’s wallpaper. What’s best, perhaps, is you don’t have to renovate an industrial loft or warehouse or live in an English manor to get some of these looks in your home. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can have your drywall or plaster walls look like anything from distressed concrete to reclaimed wood to a floor to ceiling view.


Faux Brick Wall


1. Stone and Brick Panels

You can install thin panels with screws and glue, and get the look of a stone or brick wall without the mess of mortar and the heavy lifting.

2. Leather Effect

With some paint, gloss, some plastic sheeting squares and a stippling technique, you can have a distinguished look for an office or den that looks like leather. Or, if decoupage was more of your kind of craft when you were a kid, check out this technique with paper bags that give a leather look.

3. Rough-Sawn Wood Planking

Go a step beyond perhaps more expected wood plank look and go for a rough-sawn plank look. Once you start, you really shouldn’t stop, so grab a whisk broom, among other tools and appreciate not having to sweep up sawdust.

4. Add Texture

A step beyond a stucco type of finish are wall panels that can give a modern tile feeling or more sculptural, contemporary feel. The panels are adhered to the wall with a peel and stick adhesive.

5. Make a Mural

You could consider going for an iconic photograph or nature scene the size of your wall – think of it as adding a floor to ceiling faux window view of the mountains, nature, or even the New York City skyline—all done with wallpaper.

6. Change Your Wall

You might have drab, flat wall, or, using the advances of digital photography, you can create an entirely different wall using photographic wallpaper—a forest of bamboo, brick, or even pebbles.

7. Make It Stick

You can go bold and graphic—and channel your inner child—with wall size decals.


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