Decorating rooms for our kids is always a ton of fun. We get to match their big personalities with a room that compliments it, but will also grow with them. And therein lies the challenge—not counting a room that keeps up with and even contains their messes. We’ve come up with 11 bathroom design tips that require minimal changes to transform as your kid does.

1. Paint Gender Neutral

Kids’ interests can change quickly, and painting a bathroom too gender specific can limit them. Your girl may love her fuchsia walls now, but next year she might be more into bold prints, or even superheroes. The fun is you never know! So painting walls neutrals or shades of green and blue (yes, it can be gender neutral!) will keep the bathroom open to new designs that you can pull through with some of the other tips in this article.

Pink and Green Kids Bathroom

2. Multiple Hues

One way to create whimsy that isn’t too youthful is by using multiple shades of the same color throughout the bathroom. It’s fun and playful but will also work for any age.

Multiple Hue Kids Bathroom

3. Change Your Hardware

It can be expensive to overhaul a bathroom’s entire design, but since yours has a neutral base, you can refresh it whenever you want by simply switching out the hardware. Use fun themes or bright colors on hooks, towel racks, knobs and handles when they’re young and swap them out as they grow older.

Colorful Handles

4. Personalized Linens

You can also accomplish this technique in your towels. Go for fun patterns or child-friendly designs when they’re young and slowly turn down the brightness (if that’s what they’re into) as they get older. Also, monogram and color code their towels. It will reduce fights for shared bathrooms and you’ll know exactly who left their towel on the ground.

Personal Towels

5. Use Hooks

Instead of towel racks, use hooks. They’re easier for kids to hang towels on so you’ll hopefully keep that towel off of the ground. Plus, they’re less proper looking than a rack which makes the bathroom more fun, too.

Colorful Towel Hook

6. Wall Decals

Once you’ve painted your walls, you can skip the illustrations, wallpaper or crazy patterns that they will age out of and get removeable wall decals. You can find ones for just about any interest or design, and once your kid is tired of them, you can take them down instead of repainting.

Bathroom Wall Decals

7. Choose Playful Accessories

Like the hardware, accessories are extremely easy to switch out. Does your kid like rubber duckies? You can give him or her duckie overload with duck shaped soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, towels, shower curtains, rugs and more! Five years from now when he/she is obsessed about their favorite sport, it won’t cost a fortune to indulge their interests.

Rubber Duck Accessories

8. Stepping Stools

You know those faux-drawers below your cabinets? You can remove the panel and create a pull-out stepping stool so your kid can reach the sink, and then it’s out of the way when they’re not using it. If this project isn’t your style, you can always just opt for a traditional stool.

Kids Bathroom Stools

9. Make Organization Easy

Kids notoriously don’t put things away. They throw them around. So make it easy for them to “throw” things “away.” Large bins or containers, one for each kid, remove that somehow difficult step of opening a drawer, so they can just throw their towels, toiletries and toys in their own personal bin instead of on the floor.

Bathroom Bins

10. Anchors Away

Another gender and age neutral theme is a classic one: nautical or beach themes. It doesn’t matter how far you live from the ocean, bathrooms are naturally aquatic. You can play the whimsy up or down and it’s a design that’s stood the test of time.

Beach Bathroom

11. Go Modern

Believe it or not, you can have an adult bathroom for your kids. Using sleek, modern designs serve as a sturdy base for all the fun ideas featured above. Using their toys, artwork, child-like mirrors and accents will downplay the design for their age and then you won’t have to change a thing except their towels when they get older.

Modern Kids Bathroom


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