Summer is nearly here, and it’s tempting to spend as much time as possible outdoors, so why not bring some of the summer ease and breeze into your bedroom for relaxing mornings, indulgent afternoon naps and chill evenings? Check out these tips to bring the lightness and ease of the season to your bedroom.

1. Let There Be Light

Use a large mirror to reflect light and make the room feel larger, or use a mirrored dresser to lighten the room both in light and weight. You can also top a dresser or night stand with mirrored tiles or a tray to reflect light.

Mirror on Top Dresser


2. Ditch Heavy Carpeting

Roll up your heavy rugs and store them for the summer and add a brighter or lighter color accent rug in its place.

Colorful Rug in Bedroom


3. Lighten Up

Store away your heavy blankets and linens, and swap your heavy drapes and duvets for light, airy linens and curtains. Switch out lamp shades to brighten or lighten colors as well.

Summery Bedroom


4. Declutter

Clutter can build up over the winter months and in the summer it weighs down a room visually, making your bedroom feel less restful. Make a date to ditch outdated papers, books and the like, and remove the items that don’t belong in the bedroom that have become a drain on your energy.

Modern Bedroom


5. Bring in the Breeze

Ceiling fans can make a world of difference in a room. Set them to run counter clockwise to even out the room temperature and create a downdraft and windchill effect.

Bedroom Ceiling Fan


6. Play With Color

Bring in the sun with your color scheme by adding new throw pillows or a bedspread, or paint a summery accent to a wall, door, trim or even a dresser or chair you’ve thrifted and readied for repainting.

Bird Stencil Bedroom


7. Sleep Assured

Longer days and erratic schedules mean that you may struggle to sleep when the light’s brighter, so invest in some blackout shades so you can get a good night’s sleep and wake up rested.

Blackout Curtains


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