Flowers are blooming, the sun is warm and the outdoors is beckoning. It’s one of the little pleasures in life to spend time outside in the fresh, summer weather. To make your time even more enjoyable, make sure that your ready to entertain you and others with these six summer deck ideas.

1. Clean Up

After a long winter and rainy spring, your outdoor space will probably need some TLC. Get it ready for the months ahead by cleaning it with water and a mild soap or pressure washing, and inspect it for any maintenance issues like loose boards, splinters or exposed nails. If your deck or patio is wood, refinishing it will help to seal in all your hard work.

Home repair - Cleaning

2. Add Color

When you drag out your outdoor furniture and give it a quick maintenance inspection, take a good look at the finish. If it’s looking a little dull or it’s just not your style anymore, you can give it new life with a fresh coat of paint in a bold color. It will look good as new!

Furniture - Wood

3. Add Lighting

The days are long and the nights warm, so adding some ambient lighting to your space lets you enjoy those summer nights. Create a fairytale garden with string lights along railings or as a sparkly canopy, or create a tropical jungle with lanterns and tiki torches. Before you start this summer deck idea, check local ordinances for any limitations

Light - Deck

4. Stay Cool

The days can get hot, so to keep from having to move back indoors, create some shade with a canopy or umbrella. Adding curtains to your roofed patio will also keep it cooler and keep the insects out.

Backyard - Garden

5. Decorating

Having a space to sit is the bare bones of enjoying the outdoors. Turn it into your summertime getaway and decorate! Pillows and hurricane candles create a relaxing environment while adding a rug makes the hard ground pleasing to bare feet.

Table - Garden furniture

6. Plants

Potted and hanging plants are great pops of color, dress up your space and really make it feel like summer. Plant inset repelling herbs to keep away pesky pests.

Table - Patio

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