We’ve already spilled the beans on our favorite home improvement celebrities, but there is another category of improvers we haven’t mentioned yet: those bloggers that give us just as much tips as they do inspiration! Being a successful blogger is not easy, but these blogs have discovered the secret to success and amassed thousands of followers. They all cover a wide range of categories and found that perfect balance between professionalism, personal anecdotes, conversational writing and beautiful imagery.




6 Blogs You Should Visit

1. Little Big Bell

One of the best sites for color inspiration (it even won an award!) is Little Big Bell by Geraldine Tan. Her blog is covered in beautiful, cheery and playful images that inspire readers to be more adventurous with their color choices. And she doesn’t just stick to one category. She’ll range in projects as small as a colorful table setting to helping you decide what color to paint your walls.

2. Remodelaholic

Cassity Kmetzsch’s name be difficult to pronounce, but she makes all of her home improvement projects look easy! She herself has remodeled multiple times (can you guess by the blog’s name?) and is a wealth of tips and tricks when it comes to home improvement. Her knowledge runs throughout the house from the tiniest decor pieces to coping with being in a constant state of remodel.

3. The Jungalow

Created by Justine Blakeney, this boho blog inspires readers with its colorful DIY projects, home improvement trials and tribulations, and more. It embraces the trendy, eclectic style that is making its way into many homeowners’ hearts and is all about embracing your personal style—no matter how mismatched it may be! She collaborates with other professionals too to show you how to make what you love look stylish.

4. Habitually Chic

Keeping with the trends has never been easier thanks to Heather Clawson. She jet sets to Europe’s most vogue places to bring us luxurious style we could have only dreamed of. It’s a sneak peak into the lives of the famous and the interior design ideas we can steal.

5. Lucy Will Show You

And Lucy Freedman will show you plenty. She constantly at new design exhibitions which she eagerly shares with her large following. It’s like having a personal design expo at your fingertips! Her unique style definitely shows through, but regardless of your taste, it’s a treat to see some of the innovative designs that she posts.

6. Decor8 

With over half a million followers, it’s a safe bet that this will soon become one of your favorite blogs. Holly Becker has expanded past the blogosphere and into e-courses and e-resources for her followers. She is extremely helpful when it comes to your own home improvement projects and collaborates with other professionals to continually produce fresh ideas. Her blog even features a forum where readers can collaborate with each other on their projects! It’s no wonder it’s such a popular site.


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