Jared Stephen is not only an expert plumber, but is the owner of Bellevue Plumbing, Inc., a company based on the East Side that serves both residential and commercial customers. Jared was one of the first Pro’s to join the Pro.com network and we feel very lucky to have him and his team on board! Get to know a little more about Jared below.



What is your trade?

I own Bellevue Plumbing, Inc., which is a plumbing contracting company. We focus on residential, and light commercial aspects of the plumbing trade. What we do is actually much more broad than you may imagine as our jobs range from general repairs of faucets, toilets, sinks, and pipes to installation for remodeled bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. We also handle many things that are otherwise “out of sight” like underground utilities for sewer and gas piping.


How did you get into it?

My father owned a Plumbing company while I was growing up and even though I wanted to be an Astronaut, he had the foresight to teach me what he knew. I remember him telling me humbly, “I don’t know a lot, but I’ll teach you what I do know so you always have this to fall back on no matter what you choose to do.”


What is your favorite thing about what you do?

I would have to say the best part of residential plumbing service work is the variety of people you get to meet, and then help. Getting to be the hero has its perks.


What question do you get asked the most?

“How did you do that?”

And of course we are very enthusiastic about answering this question. It feels great to be able to show consumers the basics of their plumbing systems to help them avoid costly repairs.


What is the one tool you can’t live without?

A cordless electric drill/driver. It’s a very versatile tool.


What App can’t you live without?

My Google Calendar app is by far my most used and most appreciated. We pride ourselves on arranging a time line with our customers that works for everyone, and then sticking to it. A calendar on the go allows us to manage a complex schedule without needing to spend so much energy trying to remember it all.


What is your favorite home improvement shop in Seattle area?

McLendon Hardware is hands down above and beyond all others. Period. Their wealth of knowledge is astonishing, not to mention the vast variety of home improvement products.


Your favorite spot to eat in the Seattle area?

That’s a very difficult question to answer. I love variety. But if I had to put one above the others, it would be Saffron Grill in the Northgate area.


Your drink?

Non Alcoholic=Ginger Ale (only finest quality)




Jared will be lending his expertise at our January 29th Ask a Pro event at Peddler Brewery in Ballard. Come and ask him anything you’d like!


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