You only need basic woodworking skills to construct your own homemade home bar. When it’s completed, you’ll have all your beverage needs readily available. You won’t have to leave the house to get your favorite malt beverage, you can invite friends over to watch the football game and you’ll save big bucks on those $10 cocktails from your favorite bar. If you’re a novice at building, ask an experienced friend or relative to help you.

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Before getting out the hammer and saw, you need to make some decisions:

1. Select a Wet or Dry Bar:  Building a wet bar makes this a much more complex project. By definition, a wet bar has running water and a sink, so plumbing skills come into play. At a dry bar, you have the ability to serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks without any plumbing concerns.

2. Choose a Location:  Find the best place to entertain whether it’s your basement, recreation room, garage or man cave. The location will also determine the shape of the bar you can build, which can be straight, L-shaped, corner or U-shaped.

3. Select the Wood:  From low cost to high end, you can use almost any wood imaginable including oak veneer or pine veneer plywood, reclaimed wood, oak, black walnut, mahogany or cherry.

4. Prebuilt or Do-It-Yourself:  Sometimes a manufacturer has already created exactly what you want and after delivery, all you have to do is stock the bar. If you’d rather craft a bar that’s uniquely yours, here are a couple of places that offer instructions. shows you how in 10 easy illustrated steps. Over at they have another version of systematic instructions.

5. Light It Up:  Pendant lighting, the most common over a bar, comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and bulb types. Recessed lighting adds additional ambient light and is dimmable. Task lighting works best for under the bar.

6. Now Make It Your Own:  Cover the counter with bottle caps, hang appropriate signs and add funky bar stools. Reveal your personality however you want to through your home bar project.

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