If you’re planning to overhaul an entire bathroom or build on an additional bathroom in your home, you’ll need to consider your options in choosing a new toilet. By choosing the right one for your home, you can have both comfort and efficiency with the new models available today. Before you start shopping for your new toilet, consider the following tips to help guide you in making the best decision.

Type of Toilet

In selecting which type of toilet to buy, you have options that include a one piece, two piece or a wall mounted one.

1. One Piece: Both the bowl and tank are all one piece, saves on space and has a polished look about it.

2. Two Piece: The bowl and tank are two separate pieces, easy to maintain and more affordable.

3. Wall Mount: Mounts to the wall and has no base, friendly for those with accessibility needs and easy to clean.


Wall Mount Toilet


Height of Toilet

After deciding on which type of toilet will work best for your home, you’ll next want to consider the height of the toilet. The standard toilet height is between 14-15 inches. However, if you’re looking for a toilet that makes sitting and getting up easier, especially for those who are taller or have accessibility needs, you’ll want to consider buying a comfort height toilet that ranges between 17-19 inches in height.

Rough-In Size

The rough-in size refers to the amount of space between the wall and the floor drain, and is an important step in choosing the right toilet. Use an existing toilet in your home as a guide and measure the distance between the wall behind the toilet to the bolt caps on the base of your toilet. Having the rough-in size will help narrow down your purchasing search.

Toilet Bowl Shape

You’ll need to consider how much space you have in your bathroom as well as the comfort level you are looking for when deciding on the toilet bowl shape.

1. Round Bowls: Takes up less space and generally less expensive.

2. Elongated Bowls: Around 2 inches longer and more comfortable.

Flushing Power

Having a toilet with proper flushing power, gallons per flush, will help save you on potential clogging issues. There are three flushing types to consider in your purchase:

1. Pressure Assisted Flush System: This system fills water into the bowl, and then pressurized air forces the flushing action to eliminate material, and helps to cut down on clogs.

2. Gravity Flush System: A common and simple system, it utilizes the toilet’s s-shape to create a siphonic reaction to pull material out of the bowl, and then the force of gravity then generates the pressure to flush down the material.

3. Dual Flush System: This system is the most water efficient option and can save you money on your water bill. You only use the water you need by choosing a lighter flush for liquid waste and a full flush for solid waste.


Flushing Toilet


On average in the U.S., a toilet will be flushed around 2,000 times per year, and accounts for a third of water used in a household. By law, newer toilets can only waste 1.6 gallons of water per flush (gpf). By choosing a water efficient toilet, you can save up to 4,000 gallons of water for every person in your household in a year, which is around 20% less than gpf toilets. One thing to note: although you are helping to conserve water with a high-efficiency toilet, some models will leave you more susceptible to clogging issues, so choose your battle wisely.

Extra Things to Consider

1. Style and Color: From modern to traditional, and colors that can range from classic white to more bold hues of color – you’ll be able to compliment your bathroom remodel with the right style and color of toilet.

2. Toilet Seat: Most toilets do not include a seat, so you’ll want to take in the same considerations as you would the toilet bowl shape: round or elongated. Furthermore, seats come in a variety of colors and materials, from wood to cushioned vinyl to plastic, as well as additional features such as a heated surface.

3. Urinals and Bidets: Urinals aren’t typically found in residential bathrooms, but they are water efficient, so it’s something to consider. For an extra level of comfort, you can include a bidet in your bathroom remodel. Bidets are a personal hygiene unit that can either be separate from your toilet or incorporated into the toilet seat. These provide a spray of water and some even offer a dryer.
Toilet and Bidet


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