If you wake up achy every morning or have trouble going to sleep at night, an uncomfortable mattress may be the culprit. Think back to how it felt when you first bought it. How long ago was that? Shopping for this kind of big-ticket purchase requires some thought and planning. Don’t order a mattress online or through Craigslist. That just not the most strategic plan.


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A mattress should provide you with good support, but also cradle you as you drift off into slumberland. Just like in the Goldilock’s fairy tale, you don’t want a bed that’s too soft or too hard. You’re looking for one that’s just right. The following tips will steer you down the right road to a better sleep-enhancing bed.

1. Decide to Replace

Unless you previously bought a top-of-the-line mattress, you should buy a new one every 8-10 years. If you have trouble sleeping or always wake up grumpy, consider getting a new bed sooner.

Uncomfortable Mattress

2. Set a Budget

Have a general idea of how much you want to spend, so you’re not lured to the most expensive model, but also so you don’t cut corners on a purchase so vital to your health. Look for sales and never pay full price. Negotiations are expected either for a discount, for the accessories the store throws in like sheets and pillows, or on delivery charges.

Budget for Mattress

3. Shop at a Specialty Store

Salespeople at mattress stores have more training in how to help customers and knowledge of their product than employees who happen to work in the bed section of a department store.

Mattress Salesman

4. Consider Different Types

Innerspring mattresses are comprised of coil springs with a material like latex or memory foam on top for comfort. These come in a variety of firmness. Memory foam beds have layers of different thicknesses of foam and contour to your body. Latex mattresses are made from rubber and give a firm, yet buoyant type of support.

Mattress Layers

5. Test the Possibilities

Spend 10-15 minutes lying down on potential mattresses in your normal sleep position. Bring your favorite pillow so you’re simulating sleep as much as possible.

Testing Mattress

6. Look for Neutral Alignment

Shop in pairs so your friend or family member can check and see if your spine curves while you’re lying on the bed. Strive for an almost neutral position. You don’t want your spine to sag while sleeping. That’s a recipe for a backache.

Mattress Alignment

7. Sleeping for Two

When you sleep in the same bed as your spouse or significant other, you want a mattress that each of you can adjust to their own level of firmness. Neither one of your should give up their comfort when deciding on a new bed.

Couple Testing Mattress

8. Ask About a Return Policy

You may not know for a few nights if you’ve made the right decision or not, so make sure you can return the mattress if you can’t adjust to it.

Mattress Store

9. Get a Warranty

A quality mattress should have at least a 10 year full replacement warranty.

10 Year Warranty

10. Inquire About Removal

If the store where you buy your new bed doesn’t offer old mattress removal, you’re going to have a hard time getting rid of it. You can’t just put it out on the street because dumping mattresses may be illegal in your state. A charitable organization may pick it up, but you’ll have to store it someplace until they do.

Mattress Removal
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