The days are warm, the flowers are blooming and the Earth is coming alive again. So are your allergies. Don’t blame this lovely season—you’re not allergic to spring. There are just more allergen triggers during this time of year than your body can handle. However, by deep cleaning the allergen triggers from your home, you can give your body a fighting chance. 

Dust Bunny


How to Clean a Home for Allergies

1. Clean With a Mask

A simple and easy fix, especially if you’re allergic to dust mites. It goes without saying, but wearing a mask while cleaning will save you quite a few sneezes.

Face Mask


2. Have a Strategy

To ensure you’re cleaning most efficiently and not further spreading allergens, clean from top to bottom, right to left, or inside to out. Efficiency makes for less time that you’re exposed to allergens, which means happier sinuses.

Cleaning Strategy


3. Wash Hot

You spend an average of 8 hours a day in your bed, and that can accumulate a lot of skin cells—the favorite food of dust mites. Each week wash your sheets with 130℉ water or stick them in the freezer for a day. The extreme hot and cold kill existing mites and eggs, and will remove their “food.” Don’t forget decorative pillows and stuffed animals—you need to blast these in the dryer, too.

Sheets in Dryer


4. Think Micro

All of these allergens—dust mites, pollen, mold, pet dander, pest eggs, etc.—all affect you on a microscopic level. So, shouldn’t you be fighting them microscopically? Instead of a usual dust rag which spreads particles, use a microfiber cloth which is statically charged. It will remove more of these offenders.

Microfiber Cloth


5. Clean the Hard to Reach Places

Namely, your air vents (with the microfiber cloth!). Dust accumulates there, so periodically unscrew the vents and rinse with soap and water. The same goes for fans, including the one over your stove. Be sure to dry thoroughly because dust mites and mold love moisture.

Clean Dust from Air Vent


6. Dry Clean Carpets

You don’t have to pull up your carpets and take them to a cleaner, but since allergens love moisture, use a dry method to clean carpets and area rugs. Also, don’t hang area rugs outside—they’ll pick up more allergens. 

Cleaning Carpet


7. Dust the Musk

You know that wonderful odor of musk that books have? Unfortunately, it’s due to dust and mold accumulating on them. Especially luscious leather bound ones. We’d never tell you to part with them, but be sure to include them in your spring cleaning to-dust list.

Dusty Books


8. Get Moving

When you clean and vacuum your floors, MOVE your furniture around. You’ll probably find lots of previously-lost items and lots of dust. Be sure to also clean baseboards, windowsills (and above the window), and upholstery with the proper vacuum attachment.

Clean Under Couch


9. Deep Clean Bathrooms

We recommend giving bathrooms a thorough scrubbing regularly with a solution of borax and water, or bleach and water, to prevent mold. If you’re sensitive to the smell of these solutions, try hydrogen peroxide, vinegar or a fragrance-free cleaner.

Cleaning With Borax


10. Refresh Your Pictures

While dusting with your microfiber cloth, be sure to get picture frames. They’re easily overlooked dust hoarders.

Family Photo Frame


11. Check for Standing Water

We can’t reiterate enough how much allergens love moisture, so look for leaky pipes, dripping sinks and water under plants. Avoid using wicker planters because they’re magnets for mold.

Dripping Sink


12. Green Cleaning

If you’re sensitive to cleaners, look into using fragrance-free or environmentally friendly ones. They’re less aggravating than industrial cleaners. If you’re still reacting to them, you may need to use natural cleaners such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon. They may take a little more elbow grease, but your body will thank you.

Cleaning Window


If you know you’re allergies won’t be up to it, consider treating yourself to a cleaning service. Use our instant estimate tool to get a price in seconds and find a certified professional in your area. Get a price. Get a pro. Get it done.

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